Monday, June 25, 2012

rounnnnnnd here.

well, i feel like it's time to write down what's been happening lately. don't think this post will be epic, interweb friends. it won't be. but it's life. and when i look back on life, i think the everyday and mundane will be my favorite posts to read.

in the mundane and details are where we live. it's our address. and i don't care who's reading and who's not and what will garner more followers and comments. this blog's main purpose is to document our life and tell people what God has done. as much as i love that instagram can document our minute by minute in little snapshots, blogging wins in telling stories and writing details that will get overlooked in quick twitter, instagram and Facebook posts.

we had chicken pox this week. 

don't cry for me argentina. when you choose not to get vaccinated for pox, you know that you will get them and when you let the immune system do what it does best. get immune. some of you will judge me for this. it's ok. since i am quarantined, i have plenty of time for internet fights that serve no purpose. i just made myself laugh. as usual. all that to say, chicken pox are itchy and my kids look like (and are treated like) they have leprosy. as a hermit, this is simply a dream come true. i have an excuse to live in a cave.

lila had it the worst. exhibit A. the bark looks worse than the bite.

layne had it bad but not worse than lila.

penelope has yet to show any sign of pox. perhaps it will show up next week. yay!

anyway, we survived it. no one died. calamine ruled the home with an iron fist and i learned to make their own natural oatmeal bath remedy. everyone wins. i deserve a gold medal for being mean a lot.

another thing i've been doing a lot lately is taking pictures of other people with my real camera, not my iphone camera. surprise, i actually use that giant thing. my sister and i have been shooting weddings and families a lot lately and it's been a real blast.

i am feeling more creative than i ever have in my life and more tired than i've ever been. sleep is truly overrated. i watched a decorating show the other night, and at 10 pm, grabbed a glass bowl off the shelf and spray painted it white. i had to do something creative immediately or i thought my brain would explode. i sat out in the hot spray painting in the night and thinking, why am i not in my bed? am i even spray painting this for reals or in a dream? why am i humming the barney song?

back to what i was saying...i am amazed that God continues to shine when we are at our weakest. it is a good reminder that everything good comes from Him. i feel like i am at my worst most days...yet, my kids still hug me and love me, my husband endures with me and pursues me still, and our photography business is thriving despite insecurities in my heart. i'm blown away at the undeserved goodness even with some background hardship and suffering going on in our lives.

ya, so that was a completely random post that i just wanted to document as a snapshot of our life and my heart.
"would ya look at that? just look at it."


  1. I love this little snapshot of your life :). Sorry about the pox, and I guess I hope P gets it? Just so you don't have to do it again later. Have a good one.

  2. Jami,

    Every time my reader tells me your blog has been updated, I know I'll find truth and transparency in that unread post. Truth about God's amazing, unending, ridiculously strong love for us. And transparency as a wife, mother, business owner and Christ-follower.

    You are always an encouragement!

    So, thank you.


  3. Loved this post :)

    Congrats on being over & done with the chicken pox!! (well..almost..) maybe P will get it soon, and THEN you can relax & be done with it.


    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  4. The only vaccine that really ticked me off was the chicken pox. I was like "Dude...really? WTH?? Chicken pox isn't a killer's a rite of passage of childhood." In the end, I caved because the nurse was like "I don't care...whatever you want...but they can't go to preschool or kindergarten without it." I couldn't help but feel that it was all a conspiracy to sell more vaccines. Really...the death toll from chicken pox each year is less than from the flu!!

  5. I just HAVE to say.. I LOOOOVE your playlist. Like adore it. So if you ever notice someone camped out on your page for 8 hours a day.. It's me. ;) Thanks, among all the other things you share, for sharing such great music!

  6. What happened to all of us that got chicken pox before the vaccine? We endured! I got them in 2nd grade. I remember getting handmade cards from everyone in my class and special treatment at home. My husband got them when he was 26!! That was HORRENDOUS! He was sooo sick...but he endured!

    I totally respect your decision not to immunize against chicken pox!

  7. I wish we could have come over! My kids have yet to get them. My friends daughter got them last year, and she was vaccinated. To each his own....

  8. I want to see a picture of the bowl! You can't tease with a painted bowl comment and then not show a bowl!

  9. Thanks for this. You made me laugh, and reminded me that everything can be a reason to celebrate, enjoy, document.. Hope your kiddos feel better soon!

  10. I've been a lurker for a bit now, but must tell you that I dig your blog. And your photo skills. For realz.

  11. Did you for real spray paint at 10 at night?? Love.

  12. I wish I had not given my youngest the chicken pox vaccine. I have since been educated about the dangers of the vaccine. Spread the word. CP is not life threatening. The vaccine is a money making scam and will lead to shingles epidemics in older people. Look it up. Besides, vaccines are loaded with mercury and other very unhealthy ingredients. There is strong evidence of vaccines causing more harm than good. Look it up. Good for you, Jami. And I love the pics.

  13. Hi! Your poor little family, I hope they are all feeling better and the little turtle is spared!

    Heh, I find America so strange - please know that the rest of the world is not like you (america). I'm in New Zealand and we never ever vaccinate against pox. Its just a part of life, you know? And it does the immune system good.


  14. Is that coloring session when Layne made me the most awesome picture ever?!

  15. Jami Nato, you are my shero. That's all. :)

  16. Jami Nato, you're my shero. That's all. :)

  17. I didn't know there was a Chicken Pox vaccine so there ya go. Poor lil Lila! Chicken pox all up in her eyes (just like I had it back in the day). I love little moments. As much as I love mountaintop moments I am more comfortable with mundane moments, and able to enjoy them more (because not so much pressure). I love reading about other peoples mundane moments as well, so thanks for posting:)

  18. Can I just say how much I love the way you keep things real? amazingly you make even the 'most stressful situations' seem manageable. Maybe not effortless but fo sure manageable!... So I don't judge you my dear, I thank you! for being honest. I thank you for being just the way you are! ;)

  19. this might be my favorite post of anyone's ever because i always sing don't cry for me argentina to the kids and i think they(and my husband) might kind of hate me for it.
    but i can't stop.
    and i hate that song.

    thanks so much for making me smile.

  20. Oh my word you ended on would you look at it. Best. Post. Ever.

  21. Yay, I love these kind of posts! I really feel that Instagram has caused lots of bloggers to blog less!Such a loss!
    But what you said is so true, it's so important to write about the everyday 'mundane' things in life! Those are the things you'll love to read about in 20-ish years!
    Keep up the good work Jami!
    xoxo Maria

  22. Would you look at that! Please tell me you're quoting Ed Bassmaster. If yes, then my adoration for this blog (and thereby you) just increased 5 fold! And just FYI - when I need a good laugh on a down day, I pull up the story about your dad riding a "human boy" down the stairs. TEARS. Every time. Thanks for your humor, your thoughts and your sincerity.

  23. Bring on the pox! We don't Vax either. My two oldest have had them but not my other three. Just don't mail it to anyone-you might get put in the news.

  24. Sneaky Jami! You sent your minions (all your readers, me included) on a pinning and posting frenzy of your photo blog, but disabled comments on that post up there! How are we supposed to enter to win?
    (and if I'm being ridiculous, and I just dont see where to comment, kindly ignore this comment.)

  25. kara white (again)Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    aHA! go back to your PHOTO BLOG'S post to leave a comment. that was a tad confusing for a simple minded girl like me.
    gosh, when I finally come out of the wordwork to comment, I go and screw it up ;)

  26. I was vaccinated & got a very bad case of chicken pox. Luckily my parents bribed me with food to not itch them haha :P

  27. I was vaccinated & got a very bad case of chicken pox. Luckily my parents bribed me with food to not itch them haha :P

  28. lovely post! But I have to say that my favorite part is the quote at the end. Would you look at that? Just look at it. I bet not many people know what that is from. :) and my hubs and I think it's hysterical.


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