Thursday, May 24, 2012

cheap and awesome.

no i don't get paid to write this.

i should. duh.

but i love shade clothing. they make modest clothing that is super cute. where your bun cheeks aren't hanging out when you bend over to pick your tantrum throwing kid off the target store floor. hypothetical. totally.

look stylish while parenting naughty creatures

see, i freaking just made their motto.
so check these deals out... free shipping, even if you return it. these are all found in the sale section of course. is there any other way to shop?



$4.19 ( i wear this all the time with leggings.)

perfect black dress. $20

best tanks ever. i have them in every color.

way cute jacket. $13

and btDubbs, they are pretty true to size. so a size 4 is small. from there you can gage the other sizes.

ok and this weekend (in store) old navy has tank tops for $2. BAM.

and another random deal...on  (the kansas city deal)
you can print your instagram pictures on a canvas. normally this would be $100 but it's $34 for a 20X20 canvas on this deal site. oh and you get $10 for signing i guess that makes your canvas $24! lucky.

 and you know i heart instagram. if you want to stalk me at a deeper level, i'm jaminato on there. which is my name. so it seemed the way to go? some of you have very creative names. i went for obvious.

did i not just change your world with this blog post? 

no, but i love good deals. especially if you are in need of a cheap wardrobe update or a great gift for fathers day. the instagram canvas for father's day, not the clothes. you guys are so silly.

happy friday. stay frugal. 


  1. world is changed, now i have go shop and stalk.

  2. what are their sizes like? do you mind sharing what size you wear?

  3. Love your motto..... Maybe should should write the ceo and alert them to your genius. 2 dollar tanks..... Sweet deal

  4. I saw you post about this on instagram (yes, I did take stalking to a whole new level) and immediately got on... I bought lots of stuff (all on sale obvi) and looooove it all. No joke. Best find ever!

  5. love these deals! that jacket is super adorable. and i need me some new tanks. you have changed my world, so thanks.

  6. Cheap and awesome--you speak my language!!

    My family always laughs because at family weddings the women stand around and brag about how much they spent on the dress they bought for the wedding. No, we are not bragging about who spent the MOST, but who got the best deal and spent the LEAST for a gorgeous dress! LOL

  7. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the clothes deals bc I never spend $ in myself, so deals ate good! Love it!

  8. How did I not know about this store? Thanks for the link!

  9. that site is awesome! and i just discovered their maternity section! thanks. :) cheap is the way to be!

  10. Thank you for sharing! I've never shopped Shade before, and I just ordered two of the slub tanks to fit over my preggo belly this summer! Also, I thought I'd mention that Money Saving Mom has a 10% off coupon on her site for the Old Navy tanks making them even cheaper, plus she has a link for an app to download for free flip flops! I'm loving all these deals!

  11. Thank you for the tip! I'd never heard of Shade before... and I found several maternity shirts for super cheap! Which is great because all my maternity shirts are 6 years old and already been through 3 other pregnancies. (Now perhaps I won't look quite so scuzzy every single day... just every other day.)

  12. i'm going for cheap new wardrobe, for father's day. i mean, it's a gift to him if i look good, right? especially if i wear the $4.19 tank WITHOUT leggings for him, rawr.

    but really, hearting this post, over and over again.

    you know the goods, sista.

  13. Thank you!! Love these kinds of posts.

  14. So I follow you on instagram (I'm sarahannmay just in cases) and saw your pic about shade clothing. I was desperate for some clothes that did show off my "I just had my 3rd baby" belly and LOVED the site. One of my favs is the racer tank. It looks really cute with my tighter 'cute' tshirts that I don't want to wear alone right now! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. thanks for sharing about Shade-I've never heard of them before! And I totally agree, the sale section is truly the only way to shop. Do I sound too frugal to admit that I often sale shop Old Navy and Target?

  16. awesome cheapness, my friend. thanks for sharing.

  17. good word, lady. thanks for the helpful help. : )

  18. so wonderful!! I was in need of some new shirts..and to get them at such a great price WITHOUT the price of shipping...made my day! Thank you for sharing.


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