Monday, May 14, 2012

BE there or EAT rocks.

hey friends,
want to come to a conference with me in the fall?
i'm speaking at this fun ditty called the INFLUENCE CONFERENCE.

{oh there i am. what? that's weird. i'm toats nervous.}

but whatever, it's going to be an incredible time to meet with Jesus. to learn about using our voices on the interweb, or wherever you are to glorify Him. so whether you're a blogger or a mom or a wife or a human lady, this is the place for you. 

so come with me. i would love to see you guys there. because of my nervousness, i will imagine you all naked in the crowd, so wear your best underwears.

again, what? 

i don't know. but early bird tickets are on sale today for discounted price. 
pray about it.  save that cash money. sell your furniture in your basement and stop being a hoarder (i'm actually saying that to myself). everyone wins. or sell rocks to your neighbors if you have to. when i was little, i sold rocks to old people and told them they were candy. would i tell you to do this tactic now? absolutely. ok probably not.
it's really a terrible feeling to eat a rock. i hear.

what also would be a terrible feeling is missing this conference. mkay?

be there rocks.


  1. Look at you! You look gorg in that pic by the way.

  2. I'm going! Been a follower of yours for a while and really looking forward to seeing you!

  3. I'm coming and I am SOOO freaking excited to hear you. When I saw you on the speakers page... I freaked,and bought my tickets about 30 seconds later. I'm sure we can all coordinate and wear some killer underpants. You are gonna rock it!

  4. eep! i bought my ticket earlier today... i can't wait!!! i will be ready to giggle when you talk. girl. you are freaking hilarious! also, i feel like i could learn so much from you!

    c u there!

    ps. will pack my best undies just for you. :P

  5. That's awesome friend! If I weren't having a baby the next week I'd be there. You'll do such a great job!!

  6. Since its in my city...I have to go! As soon as I get my post-grad self a job, I'm buying my ticket! Can't wait :)

  7. ugh! I used to live an hour from Indianapolis and then right after I move halfway across the country this happens. lol I'm sure it will be amazing wish I could go!

  8. bought my ticket! also my friend liz says she has been emailing you. i will be jealous if she gets to meet you first, since you are only three hours away and she is one of my besties!

  9. I am seriously so excited for the influence conference and totally honored to be a community leader. And if I'm being honest, awkwardly honest, I am silly excited to meet you and hear you speak!

  10. I read this post, thought 'Ugh, nothing like this ever comes to my town'... clicked the link, and lo and behold, you're coming to Keystone?! Dude, that's 20 minutes from my house. I will totally be there, and am already excited for it! :-)

  11. So excited - just stepped out of my comfort zone and bought a ticket:) You will do AMAZING and I can't wait to meet y'all:)!!

  12. jami, i'm so glad you're speaking at this!! i'm pondering the idea of going, but this might just seal the deal for me. road trip? :) and i too sold rocks when i was younger. i stole them from the neighbors garden, painted them and then went door to door trying to sell them. we were destined to be friends!

  13. This is a crazy small world. Jessi from naptime is a friend of ours from years yonder. Actually I'm pretty sure my hubby and her dated in their HS days. While I don't read her blog or anyone else's in the world except maybe yours or Erin's every couple of months and only blog when i have the willpower to sit still for fifteen minutes, I would totes go just to meet you and that smashing new haircut. maybe it's not new. maybe you did a debut post for the cut and i've missed it. Seriously though, for you I would be a bare naked lady in the front row if it helped your nerves.

  14. carey! well then you have a couple of reasons to come to the conference. bring er-bear. aka. erin.

    laura, i'm flying. i travel as good as silk. which means, bad. but i so want you to be there. i have friends from KC thinking about a road trip. you would like them. pray about it.

    abbie and brodie, dorian, saturated canary, stephanie, and katie, i can't wait to meet you! seriously. will you find me at the conference?

    of course, mindy, you'll find me. duh. let's do this blog friendship!

  15. I wish i could go!!
    Looks like a great line up of speakers and a pretty much incredible event, but alas, its VERY far (16 hours driving) from me :)
    Yoll be amazing!

  16. The Sheraton at Keystone is where the hband & I have celebrated our last 4 anniversary's. It is our secret getaway from our kiddos. I have never heard of this conference, but because I have been following you for a little while & you have brought much laughter during a hard season, this is something I am signing up for. Looking forward to it!


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