Wednesday, March 28, 2012

beer. wasted. making out.

hey kids,

you should know what you're doing in life right now. what makes us laugh and what we're learning about you.

dear layne,
i've never understood how a person can pee so much out of the toilet. you make me question my sanity sometimes when i go into the bathroom and see what you've done in there. much like you're father, you are very busy playing so you run in and out. and hence, everything gets splatter painted.

Photobucket you have a little crush on me. it's pretty obvious. you tell me how much you love me(over and over again) and you want to kiss me on the lips. it's really awkward because you're making eye contact with me while you kiss me. we've since changed to just kissing on the cheeks. i broke the news to you that we can't get married. you were shocked.
yesterday you told me that when you get married you'll still live with me. i told you it would be awkward and that your wife wouldn't like that. you said, well i really like you and i know she will too. plus i don't really want to kiss her on the lips. 
hmmm, we'll wait and see on that, buddy. i think you'll want your space.

and recently, you...our very cautious sheriff of a first born has been pretty adventurous. rolling down hills. playing in fountains on a cold day. eating spaghetti WITH SAUCE and not ketchup. we're not sure what's going on with you, but i think it's that you might be growing up.
(instagram pic)

you are speaking french well. it's really weird to hear you, but you are good at language. we are going to make sure we know the following words in french before you get to middle school:
3)making out


anyway, you picked up a book a couple months ago and started sounding things out right in front of us. hey, i can read, you said non chalantly.  
what? no you can't!
but you can. sesame street and electric company really pulled through for us.

in the kitchen you said that you believed in Jesus and that you wanted him in your heart. so we prayed on the floor in the kitchen. is this how it's supposed to go? i don't know. but i'm ok with it.

i'm not ok with your behavior sometimes. you are challenging us in ways i never knew possible. i get very angry with you and find myself apologizing to you. often. you have us reading parenting books and seeking advice on what to do in raising you.  i don't have all the answers, but we are trying. if you ever hate me down the road, remember that i really tried. and that i'm human. like you. and i make a lot of mistakes. and you wanted to marry me. remember that, son.

dear lila,
you are the most joyful person i know. if you see a baby, watch out... DA BAAAAAABY....AWWWWWW, da bay-bee. and you're touching them and hugging them while shaking. the love is intense. i'm always apologizing while laughing. i'm not sure first time mothers appreciate your approach methods to their little bundles though.

you enjoy babying penelope too. you take the binky out. then give it back. then in. then out. then you suck on it couple times. you guys laugh together about this. i'm not sure what's so funny, but you guys get each other. will you be friends like this forever? a mother can dream.

as far as language, you are making leaps and bounds in improvements. you are just now talking in 2 word sentences. wannnnnnt beetamee which is want vitamin. that's right, those little juice plus gummies are good, huh? anyway, we are so proud of you. can't wait to see you take off this year in development. so many things are clicking for you. potty training on the other hand...sigh. how do you potty-train an almost 4 year old?


your behavior is interesting. you're entering into a tantrum stage which makes sense with the way you're developing. you're a little behind in this stage...and we are excited to tackle it! can you feel the excitement?! i'm just using exclamation points to pretend like i'm thrilled! it works! see?!

you get put in time out and yell, RUDE! we have to turn our backs to you and snicker at your reprimand. Lord, help us.


you bring me to my knees in prayer. you mirror my control issues to me. you make me turn to Jesus in raising you.

you have an obsession with shoes. you are really good at walking in heels and your father hates it. naturally. he wants you to be a nun when you grow up. pray about it.

dear penelope,
you are a sweet turtle. i have never had a pet turtle before so i'm not sure what to do with you.

we skipped baby food with you. you just eat straight up big people food...and you are good at it. you'll eat anything.

anyway, i'm convinced baby food is basically a scam. did they have baby food in the days of old? i think not.


you crawled early on. started standing and then recently, you took 4 steps. in front of your father, which was RUDE! i told your father to push you down when you walk but he won't listen to me. i would like you to be my tiny baby forever so the growing thing isn't working out for me.

you are also saying uh-oh and mama. this is also unacceptable. stop now or i'll have to ground you from throwing noodles in the dog's hair. and i know that will really hurt your feelings. because you do this a lot.


you also are serious like layne. but unlike layne as a baby, i can occasionally get you to laugh. because i'm pretty funny, duh. so i can see a sense of humor budding. perhaps one day, i'll teach you all my jokes...

i love you guys. don't change. and HAGS.

are you guys on instagram? i have a slight obsesh with it. here are a few from this same day from the old camera phone. the day was so beautiful...

my name on there is jaminato if you feel like stalking.


  1. Dude, your kids are going to be so freaking blessed to read this when they get older. It's kinda beautiful how much you love them and how they make you love Jesus even more. You're an amazing mom. I mean who in their right mind takes 3 babes to the art museum for a picnic.

  2. Word. I love you and your posts. I also agree that baby food is a scam. Although Cora eats nothing. We should get together just so P can teach C how it is done.

  3. Getting instagram as SOON as it comes to DROID. love your little kids right up! maybe april will be the month we eat together, okay?

  4. i don't really know you-- but the thing I like best about how you 'seem''s that you're so honest and imperfect and blunt and funny...all mingled together in a beautiful way. You make me giggle and seriously think-- all in the same paragraph:).

    Thanks for being such a stand out blog. Yours is one of my very favorites.


  5. This is so sweet. I love it and think I might steal the idea for my blog. Thank you. Hey, at least I'm a polite thief, right?
    PS you are super funny

  6. Awesome post. I loved that you thanked sesame street. My two year old wiill randomly say and know things and when I asked where she learned it she says, "Umizoomi!" I've decided I'm going to let them homeschool her instead.
    And she is the same way with her baby sister, she will make her cry so that she can play mommy and come running to her aid. So mean and funny.

  7. I love this. Seriously. It is one of my favorites of all time. Your ability to mix humor and sentiment is a talent.

  8. RUDE! Haha giggle..... You are so freakin funny.

    Beer wasted and makeout... I seriously was laughing when i read the post title in my feeder. And go figure it turned out to be a lovely little post about your babies.
    Keep on keepin on! Your post rock!

  9. baby food IS a scam.
    we nurse and then hand baby a steak.

    they are beautiful.

  10. I do enjoy a good mom post--and I hope you print these out for your kids to read one day, this wonderful documentary of their lives and your love for them.

  11. Cute post! I love that Lila call vitamins beetamee, Mackenzie calls them violees, and I think it's presh.
    Glad to hear the speech is coming along!

  12. That photo of Lila standing on the hill? amazing. Amazing. AMAZING.

  13. 1) bière
    2) être soul
    3) becotter

    you're welcome.

    This is good. you're a good mom.

  14. Love these sweet notes about/to your kids. I bought some notebooks to write things like this to mine. They are still sitting empty..dang. One day.

  15. Uhhh, doesn't Layne know about our marriage arrangement for him and Arle??? You better let him in on that one, silly.

    Those pics are incredible. Please call me the next time you find such a glorious spot on a glorious day to take glorious pics. I'll join you.

  16. these photos cheered me up super a lot. lovely kiddos. and sounds like y'all are making fine strides. press on, mama! xo

  17. Three beautiful, and funny, and heartfelt letters to your kiddos. They'll love this!

  18. This was a beautiful post... makes me so excited for the day I will hopefully be blessed enough to be a mama! Gorgeous day too. Obviously :)

  19. James-

    A- i am glad to see your bolg IS NOT turning into a preachers soap box!!

    B-I think it's time to get knocked up again and have another sweet baby- you did come from a family of too many right? Wrong.... Time to step up the efforts!

    C-How could that sweet Layne be diffcult at all? Maybe you should have let him have Donut Stop back when he was little...?... Just saying....

    D- What the hell is this Instagram that everyone rants about? And could it make people look more the "norm"? It looks to be photoshop on 'roids....

    E- Keep at it....

  20. OMGheee!! i couldn't get through the first paragraph w/o crying jami!! (perhaps being 8 1/2 months prego might be to blame) love love LOVE this.. & love you & mark, pray J & I will be able to follow in your parenting footsteps )

  21. I must admit. I am your instagram stalker. And your blog stalker. And now your photography sight stalker.. :)

  22. i for real LOLed at the electric company and seasame street comment. Thats how my daughter learned to read, and one day was like look,I read. (and whats great is that people think you must be an awesome parent-lol)

  23. sweetness x10--love--and the picts....darling!
    and how i love me the instagram--it's diggity!

  24. nan in louisianaThursday, April 05, 2012

    wonderful pics and a super-sweet post. (or wuper-weet as ben would have said.)

    noah was almost 4 when he finally started pottying properly. at this point, it's not really "training." it's more like she just has to decide for herself that she wants to be a big girl. maybe just ignore it for a while, keeping it low-key with no talking when changing diapers or pull-ups (all business), and calm praise when she uses the potty. like it's simply what's expected.

    anyway, that helped with noah. but he IS almost 7 calls me when he finishes pooping! so take my advice or leave it, whatev.

    love ya!

  25. I've been following your blog for a while now, just starting to go back and read old posts. This one is awesome! You make me laugh. Out loud, even.


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