Tuesday, November 1, 2011

perfect kid gift idea. boy or girl. BAM.

ok so i know what you're thinking...where are my children dressed up in all their glory? i'm giving you a break from cute kids today. but i will say, i've eaten, like 5 fun size snickers bars and some twix and a reeces. which is the equivalent to 3 normal size candy bars. now, in real like i would be appalled if anyone did this.i would judge them and say, i would never do that. BUT, since people get away with all sorts of weird things on halloween, it seemed fun. and acceptable. and also there is candy everywhere i turn. oh and i have no self control.

(side note, why in the H do we all think it's fun to eat things that look like body parts and laugh when we see someone looking dead? BECAUSE IT"S HALLOWEEN!! yeah! dead people and body parts! HOORAY!! ok, sorry. it's just such a weird day.)

anyshways, i saw this on (i think) jones design. it's such a great birthday gift for little people. we are in the fort making stage over here, so when i saw this, i thought...yes, brilliant. plus i can kind of get my craft on but it doesn't take but TEN MINUTES TO MAKE. start to finish.

so when i see sheets in a bag on clearance at target, i buy them. even when they aren't on clearance, i think you can get them for around $12. just keep an eye out, because i bought these for $4. that's right, a $4 gift.

FORT KIT instructions

so you just take the flat sheet out. i know, why is this in the instructions. i don't even know.

keep the fitted sheet and make forts of your own...the elastic is great for around chairs! or keep for when your manchild pees the bed like every night. i mean, i'm not saying any names...

moving on, on each corner sew some ribbon. i hand stitched these and i think it'll be ok? hmm. we'll see. ha.

the stitching is ugly, because that's my style. so i covered it up with some buttons. toats optional.

put in some reinforcements, which are some clothes pins.

and then you put everything back in the bag and print off or write a label. layne decorated it, uhthankyou.

a flash light would have been a perfect addition here, but i was LIT-RA-LEE going to the party in 30 minutes, so i didn't have time to get one. so sue me.

anyway, it was a smash hit. even with the little girls at the party!

do this or we can't be intranet friends.

and also, the winner of the doll giveaway never emailed me...so i picked a new winner. you snooze, you lose. soooooo, the winner is: the kansas city hoovers! email me.


  1. This is perfection and I love it! What kid wouldn't adore this gift?

  2. that's so nice of you to make that for my son and his upcoming birthday...but you spelled his name wrong. I'll let it go this time!

  3. I saw this on Emily Jones blog (I think that was where it was at too) and added it to my "to do" list. Pretty sure this is the perfect gift for my nephews for Christmas!

  4. thanks for sharing! i'm totally going to do this!

  5. I love this idea and totally want to do it for boy gifts for Christmas! You could make some super frilly girl ones too. And yeah, I saw it on Jones Design Company too. I sure hope I wasn't the doll giveaway winner...geesh, you are STRICT! ;)

  6. First off - I'm a former Redeemer-ite (former because my husband and I now live in Iowa) and I really appreciate reading your blog! Thanks for being funny, honest, and imperfect. It reminds me of the way we can present our blog in a more missional and realistic way.

    Secondly, I feel less guilty for indulging in one too many fun size candies yesterday. Trick or treater...door bell doesn't ring for a long time..."I think I need one of those candies." (this pattern went on for some time)

    - Emily

  7. Nato still pees the bed? He and Jared have so much in common.


    I love this, and Lily has a party Saturday to go to, maybe I'll snatch this ide-er up.


  8. WOWzas. This is LIT-RA-LEE ;) the most awesome gift ever.

    Totes gonna make this sometime.


  9. Okay, so I am a little rusty on fort making, but my sweet daughter will probably be ready for forts any day now....

    So, in risk of sounding a little dumb...what do you do with the sheet and clothespins? Pin them to chairs? Goodness...I think I need a fort-making-tutorial. I seriously used to be good at it...lik 20 years ago.

    Oh and I just ate way too many reeses. You aren't alone.

  10. great idea. thanks for sharing and I think you spelled my name wrong as the winner.. it's chrissy from Boerman Ramblings...

  11. LOVE this.

    p.s. you probably would have had time to include a flashlight if you hadn't been dumpster diving on the way to the party.

  12. so smart you are. i think i saw something like this out there on pinterest, but didn't repin it, so now i can give the credit for this brilliant idea to you. awesome. and, we are crazy about forts at this house, so i may just have to make one for us, too!

  13. How cool!! I am going to have to make a couple of these kits for my home group families now!!

    I may add some glow sticks (because for some reason I have a heap of them in my wardrobe, i'm cool like that...)

    Thanks for sharing Jami, I LOVE your blog, it's one of my faves for sure :)

  14. i have been known to eat 3 regular sized candy bars on non-halloween days.
    i can also devour a batch of no bake cookies in less that 2 days.

    take that, sucka!

    i know that doesn't make me a winner..it just means my thighs bigger than yours.

    life is cruel.

  15. We LIT-RA-LEE love parks & rec ;)

    And cute idea!

  16. benanda, girrrrl. you just use the clothespins to clip the sheet to whatever you need to clip it to. which could be to another blanket if you're making a huge fort, or a sibling if you're needing a real human to stand there. ha. i don't know...the options are endless.

  17. Now I know what to do with all those flat sheets I don't use. I'm a minimalist when it comes to kids bedding I just use a fitted sheet and a blanket. I hate making beds. ha

  18. Jami Nato! That is LIT-RA-LEE the best gift idea ever.

    (I love channeling Chris. It makes me feel healthy.)

    Also, woooohooo for Kansas City Hoovers! I shall be patiently awaiting an email.

  19. Maybe someone has mentioned this but these single sheets in a bag are at Wal-Mart and only $5. Great idea!


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