Tuesday, September 6, 2011

where i've been. where i'll be.

i know, you're like, why have you only been blogging once a week lately? things have been crazy. i thought they would slow down, but they aren't i guess. and actually, i have been guest blogging on other people's blogs. just not my own. here's my schej this week if you want to see what i posted:

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jami nato's home tour

so my sis,  auj and i shot a wedding this weekend. i'll post more of these fun pics on the photog blog as soon as i get them edited. which will be in forever.

and audrey is 100 weeks prego. toats gangsta, shooting a wedding that pregnant.

(i love this picture of audrey. i think she looks so pretty. it's one of those pictures you look back on with a smile and say, that was me.)

she climbed on top of my SUV to get a group shot. a collective gasp from the crowd was heard, followed by laughter when she started dancing(i think more like grinding) on top of the sequoia. gang.sta.

here's a shot i took of her while hanging around in the barn.

and i did 2 other shoots this weekend too. um, yes i dragged a couch to a barn. anything for the shot right? no?

and besides work life, real life has been happening. lila's mother's day out open house was the other day. she didn't hit or steal things and i was surprised at how well she did. because i'm stupid and i worry about things that i don't need to worry about. i explained to some mom's about her hearing and almost cried. can you imagine? that would have been funny. NOT.
but everyone was really great. and lila will totally love this. i mean, she's going to boss a lot of people around even without lots of words. one of her favorites is to give people a push on the back and say GO! really loud. she did this to several people while they were passing us in the grocery store isle. it was amazing. she makes me laugh so hard.

so ya, that's kind of what i've been doing. and a lot of other things i was too lazy to write about.


  1. you're such a cool mom! i still love your blog :)

  2. why are my lips so tiny...freakin' old lady. and yes, i dropped it like it was hot on your SUV. And the crowd loved it james...they loved it. Anything for the shot.

  3. I was just woooooonnnndering about where you were. Why doesn't life calm down? Seriously.

  4. I am a total STALKER and I can't wait to see your home tour. Word!

  5. Drag a couch to a barn? Uh, yeah! Anything for the shot, right? Ok, I'm a 1000 weeks pregnant and I would not climb on top of an SUV...unless my sole purpose in doing so was to dance, that is. Your sis is totally Ace. And I shot my last wedding for this pregnancy a month ago. And practically cried at the end because I was so tired and sore! Total gangsta, that Audrey.

  6. Jami Nato: Takes over the world. One guest post at a time.

    It must feel good to be a gangsta'.

  7. Okay, that Erin girl that said, "It must feel good to be a gangsta'." ... Yeah, I want to meet her. And give her a high-five. She seems legit.

    Also, I am going to need to see some Penelope photos so I can scratch my baby-fever itch. mmmkaythanksbye.

  8. You get around. There I said it.

  9. i'm excited to read all your guest posts. i have never been asked to guest post but it must be exciting!
    also, props to you on the excellent photography.

  10. I am LOVING your blog! So. Much. Fun. Jumping on the bed and shooting it - you inspire me! So happy I stopped by here today, thanks to The Handmade Home...

  11. I'm back after reading your guest posts.

    Your "Memories for Sale" post is really well written, Jami. I've started blogging again after a 3 year hiatus. So, now it's on. 'Till the break of dawn. Like hot, buttered popcorn.

    I emailed you about a year ago and spilled my guts to you. Thanks for emailing me back. Life goes on, right? Indeed it does.

  12. so..i just found your blog today and wanted you to know that i find you delightful and inspiring. i'm not a creeper. i'm not, i promise. praying for you and the challenges with your beautiful little girl.

  13. Oh what I would give to have seen Audrey dance on top of your Sequoia. And that silhouette pic of her??? Gorgeous.

    LOVE the pic of Christine!

    And Lila? Love that child and love that she loves me:)

  14. oh man. do you care if i pretend that silhouette prego pic is me and frame it in my house? no? that's good. and lila with the go. that's good stuff. her and grayson should hang out. blood and bruises for all. :)

  15. Your photos are awesome.
    Your daughter? Rules. Go Lila!

  16. LOVE that pic with the antique couch in front of the barn. I have dreams of doing some family photos like that but when I talked to my photographer friend she was like "who's gonna drag a couch out to a barn?"
    Ha! Now I can tell her Jami Nato would! Anyways, that makes you a rock star! (or maybe a gangsta) :)
    If you ever take a trip to Alabama, I could use your photography awesome-ness.

  17. LOVE this pic of Audrey. Beauty queen! And such a stylin' beauty queen! PS I love the field wedding pictures! And, I already read your guest blog posts. You've got such a fun way of writing!

  18. such great shots chick--and of course we all have hurt our backs hauling some sort of something for a good shot:) excited to check out your guest posts~

  19. so happy to have your pretty face on the blog today.

    and man. you do get around girl. work it! :)

  20. ok. you are rad. i absolutely adore your humor and commentary. especially with your fashion show. oh my, you crack me up. i feel the same about f21... when a kid who could be MY kid is sporting the same top and muffin-inducing pants that I am squeezed into. LOVE...... your blog. New follower.

  21. Saw a link to your blog on Nadia now-Thomas' fb page last night and proceeded to spend more time than I care to admit perusing your posts when I should have been sleeping, Then woke up to a message from her saying that she thinks you & I are kindred bloggy spirits and I should check yours out. I take all of this to mean that we should be virtual friends.

    So. Hello. My name is Amanda. I also have wild children and sometimes cuss and love Jesus and process life in words and photos. And sometimes I use smiley face emoticons when an online interaction may be potentially awkward. Like this. :)

    Nice to meet you.

  22. um I lust after your couch, seriously. that thing is AWESOME. can I have it? no, seriously.

  23. Hey Jamie! :) LOVE THIS POST! And (drumroll please), I'm hosting 'I AM THAT MOM WEEK' later this month where I'll have several mom's post about their experiences as a mom and perhaps how they don't exactly match up to what they'd once thought motherhood would be like...and I want you to be my FEATURED BLOGGER! Interested? Let me know. :) http://leemeandthegirls.blogspot.com/2011/09/being-better-mom-attempt-162-and.html

  24. love a love your blog! just found you through the handmade home! i can't wait to start following you!

  25. hey jami,

    de-lurking to say i love your blog, and that i loved the "a day in the life of jami nato" guest post you did. I especially wanted to say thanks for the way you answered question #1 in that post...i felt alone in that struggle, and it's a hard one to admit! thanks for being brave enough to say that! you rock.


  26. beautiful pics. of course you dragged a couch to the barn. well because your Jami and you're awesome.

    ps. i gave you an award today on my blog in case you're interested. i realize that a lot of blogs are award free so please don't feel obligated to pass it on.


  27. jami nato, you inspire me!


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