Wednesday, May 4, 2011

fo' the mama's. mine and yours.

if you're looking for the perfect gift for the mother that has everything, the Lord has smiled upon you today, my friends.

so i've been thinking about mother's day. and how important it is to publicly honor your parents with eulogizing them kind of. except i'd rather my mother hear these things now, than say them to a bunch of people at her funeral in 50 to 75 years. that's right, she's going to live forever, i've decided.

so i encourage you guys to write a little tribute to your mom(or someone who's like a mom to you). frame it. or hand write it. post it on the interweb for everyone to see. read it out loud at a family gathering. it'll be a tearjerker, but who cares.

now that's a morbid start to this post, but sometimes it's good to go beyond yourself and consider how fleeting our lives are and how important it is to not live so much in tomorrow. i'll do that next year. or at her 60th birthday. well, who knows what will happen between here and there. so i'm doing it now.

sometimes when i look at my hands, i see your hands. you know i've studied your hands every sunday when i was younger.   during the sermon, i would play with your wedding ring and try to pick out the dough from the pizza you made the night before.  i'd move your veins around in your hand. which grossed me out, but it was so interesting, i couldn't stop. and although the Lord showed me you have great veins for IV's, i think he was also giving me a glimpse into my future. worn out hands from raising children. bathing children. spanking children. wiping noses and bottoms. probably wiping lots of tears from your own face in frustration of being a mother of 6 by the time you were 26. accidentally. or on purpose. you had to take care of a lot of people. and i know what that feels like now: the sacrifice and the joy. kind of...on a smaller scale.

although i don't remember everything being perfect in our family, i do remember making crafts with you. those puff paint christmas tree sweatshirts with beads for the ornaments were quite heinous. luckily, i have plenty of pictures with that sweatshirt on. and we made wreaths. i can still smell the hot glue. maybe that's when my obsession began. what is this magical burning glue that makes everything stick so perfectly? anyway, sometimes, when i want to get a craft done quickly, i remember that i remember doing that with you. then the craft doesn't seem so important. layne and lila get invited into the creativeness. the messiness. and it's ok. we're making memories.

i wonder if my kids will only shop the sale section like you did with us. because that's where i am always at. you didn't teach us that outright, it's just what we did.
go to the back of the store. is there even a front of the store?
if it doesn't have an orange tag on it, you're clearly getting ripped off, silly people.
will the Lord accept those into heaven who don't know how to bargain shop? i just don't know anymore.
garage sales every friday. load up the yellow van, children. i remember the excitement of discovering that $20 could actually fill up the back of van.

(my mother and me on my wedding day: 2005)

these are things i learned from your hands. so when i look down at my hands and see your hands, especially your index finger, it doesn't seem all that bad to me. they raised me. they permed my hair 5 hideous times. they made hair bows to match my uniform. they catered food at the school we went to. ya, my mom made those fried burritos. i know, they're so good right? they made cookies at least twice a week. the smell of cookies slapping our tastebuds when we ran in the door from school. all lined up on a paper towel. she didn't even say, only two. we just kept eating them until they were gone. maybe that's why i make cookies so much. i thought that's what everyone did as a mother. no?

your hands raised 8 children, not just me. they adopted 3 kids. 2 sets of twins will push someone over the edge, i hear. also, you and your hands...well, they ran over the treasured family dog but no one judges you for that, mom. we all know in our hearts that maddie had cancer and the Lord was just sparing her from the pain of the next couple years. i think. we'll that's what we tell ourselves to make it ok anyway. (you're supposed to laugh at that.) not funny?

anyway, now that i'm a mother, i understand. i admire you more every day i wake up and try to be a good mom. i know why you would lock yourself in the bathroom and cry. and then come out and pretend like you weren't. ya, i get it. i know why my hands look like yours. maybe it's genetic or maybe it's an honor.
free art print
if they can just do half of what yours did.


and BTdubs, you can print any of those images. they are made for a 5X7. frame them or make them into a card for yo' mama.
nap print: click here
now that i'm a mother print: click here

and double BTdubs, here is a gift to all you moms out there.
i made this other print for the bathroom. have yet to print it. it's sized as an 8X10

happy mother's day, players.

free art print


  1. and i cried. what a sweet little james you are. how can any of us other children top that biznatch.

  2. amazing. i have my mom's hands too. but not her fingernails (my silly sister was blessed with her gorgeous nail beds - i have my dad's manly fingernails)...anyway, whenever i drive i see my mom's thumb ticking on the steering wheel. even today i caught a glimpse of my mom's hand but really it was my own.

    i was even thinking of writing a post about it.
    looks like you had the same lovely idea.

    what a blessing to have your mama's hands. something you'll carry with you forever.

    and your mama? she sounds awesome.

    love it.
    thanks for sharing. :) <3

  3. This is way I love you...thanks Mrs Nato.

  4. I got all verklempt reading this. What a beautiful tribute to your momma.

    I, too, used to play with my granny's hands and push her veins around. It was a hobby of mine. *weird* She had crazy big veins in her hands. So I know exactly what you're talking about.

  5. awesome...i do want a damn nap....


  6. MY MOM PERMED MY HAIR TOO!!!!! AHHHHH SOOO many permed pics that are hiding at my parents' home in OK. Oh my....we might need to have a perm pic show down.

    LOVE this post. Your mom rocks. And I don't even know her. So does that last little print. I will be printing and framing that one. thankyouverymuch.

    Happy mothers day sweet friend!

  7. made me cry, of course.
    at work.
    because blog-cruising is what I do at 4:55...

    love you,

  8. hollla. happy mother's day to you, playa.

    lovin' this and def think a blog ode to my momma is in order from her "mini me."

    thanks for the inspiration and fun prints. enjoy your weekend!

  9. Jami you da bomb!
    I love this thanks for being so inspirational ALWAYS!!!!!!!
    Happy Mothers day to you! Your awesome and are doing a great job & its always evident that the Lord lives in you.

  10. this. is. perfect.
    i am jealous.
    i wish i could do that.
    really really bad.
    you are a good daughter and a good example.

  11. I love this beautiful tribute to your Mom!

  12. What a wonderful tribute to your Mama. I only knew her for a brief time at OLF, but she made a huge impression on me. Seriously.

  13. Snap! I get to be the first to comment. Perks of being done with school. I am loving this blog post. Great writing, and reminiscing. And, kinda cool that you're about to be a new momma all over again :)

  14. aww jami this was so sweet. :) o and love the prints.

  15. beautiful, poignant, witty and funny post :) love it. your mother sounds extraordinary :)

  16. jami, these are so cute! thanks for sharing :)

  17. you are so damn funny. but, do i have permission to make fun of your james taylor playing??

  18. So sweet and hilarious. Just your style. You need to write a book.

  19. Okay, okay, you made me cry. Your mamma is one of the best mammas I know- and you're pretty special too. Love you and your mamma.

  20. love everything about this. it's so interesting to be on the other side now!

    love the prints!

  21. I love this post. It made me laugh and cry--oh wait--like all your posts do. :)
    I hope you don't mind that I reposted the nap picture on my blog--giving you full cred of course.
    It is so fitting for my life right now--I don't know if I can make it 6.5 more weeks. Oy.
    Happy Mothers Day--hope you get a nap in.
    Love from,

  22. sweet. sweet, sweet, sweet.

    this mothers day is a lil different for me. family problems which means not spending mothers day with my mom. strange, but for the best in the long run. makes no sense? i know. but it does.

    ya know what made me cry? the print at the end. i say all those things to my kids. i just want it to be different for them. with me. when they grow up. and now i must go. the tears are falling again.

    happy mamas day.

  23. you are a truly talented writer who pulls at heart strings (all this sounds so dumb and cliche) while making us moms with weak bladders wet ourselves.
    happy mothers day to you.
    your mum is gorgeous, as are you.

  24. you make me laugh and cry all at once, jami! happy mother's day to you and your sweet mama.

  25. Awww....I was gettin all teary eyes. And then I read Audrey's(1st)comment. "Biznatch." And now Im laughin.
    Love you. Love your humor. Have a wonderful Mothers Day Jami girl!

  26. how sweet!! I so love those photos of you and your Mom!! Happy Mother's Day!!

  27. I echo what Danielle said: laughing and crying over do you do that? You are obviously talented. Great post.

  28. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. You are truly blessed with her and she with you. Thank you for sharing.

  29. This made me happy. And I have tried to go hide in the bathroom before, but the doorknob thing is somehow busted and so the one year old simply pushed the door open, crawled over me where I sat, and began to growl. Yep. No escape. Hurrah motherhood!

  30. i love this--it made me grin, and cry!--this post was all fabulousness! what a great mom you have, and what a fantastic one you are as well~

  31. Aww, this is sweet. I always wanted to be a baker. Is that weird. I figured your mom wouldn't notice one more kid ;) You are just like your mom. I think ya'll are both great

    I totally need to let my kids get involved with my crafts. Ugh I'm not a mom like you. although I do want to lock myself in the bathroom almost every day.

    I love the prints, especially the last one. SO cute!

  32. Beautiful. I used to play with my mom's hands, too. And crafts. Sigh. Moms. <3

  33. sweet, sweet post. i love the signs.

  34. i took your advice. :)

  35. Oh how I love all of those one liners my mom used to say and now I catch myself saying.

    You hit the nail on the head with I just want to take a damn nap! Ha. I want that one in an 11x 14, please.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  36. ooo, oooo , me, me... I want a damn nap too! Great post girl!

  37. Such a sweet post and LOVE the prints! So cute!

  38. love the tribute to your mom. i had permed bangs..even better. thanks for the cute prints!

  39. I love that first saying because I told Jesse yesterday, All I want for Mothers day is a nap. Did I get one? No... lol. Oh well!

    Love that picture of you and your momma!

  40. damn nap, please. NOW. thanks. and i have my dad's man hands. and weird thumbs. i'd rather have my moms. or your moms. or any moms.

    happy mother's day, mrs. nato! :)

  41. I love this Jami! I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day!

  42. Love your blog! What a sweet post. I'll have to remember it next year. :)

  43. locked myself in the bathroom and cried today. keepin it real! also, are you having that baby yet!?

  44. oh emm goodness. i am BALLING like a baby. and not small tears...serious sobs


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