Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day shenanigans.

well, hmm, where to start with this post. ok, ya...let's start with breakfast. here's how we started the morning:
choco chip pancakes for layne and lila...
(you better believe i used a pancake mold for mom bought them for me when i got married and i am just now using them!)

do you need the easiest, super quick, no fail pancake recipe without nasty ingrendients? of course you do. i found one on the intranet and tweeked it. this is the perfect amount for a fam of 4.

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon white sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk or buttermilk or almond milk
1 egg
2 TBSP melted butter
1.In a large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients and mix together.  and then in that same bowl just throw in all your wet... wait to mix until the end. you don't need to get all the clumps out. just mix it all together until the big ones are gone. you don't want to overmix.
2.Heat a lightly oiled griddle or whatever over medium high heat. You can flick water across the surface and if it beads up and sizzles, it's ready!

we did a craft yesterday for the grandparents. simple, sentimental, cheap,...well, free actually. because i'm a frame whore and have a million frames in my basement. i found this on meet the dubians. such a cute idea blog for kids and crafts.
"we love you with all our hearts!" with both of their handprints on it.
cheesy? noooo! not when it's going to the grandparents...

layne and i made his valentine's for preschool tomorrow
i totally copied this idea from a blog i saw earlier this week and i can't think of which one! i'm sorry, whoever's brilliant idea this is, email me and i'll give you credit.
1hour photo and some suckers...all from walmart. $6 for 20 "handmade" valentines...uhthankyouverymuch.

ok and do you need a sweet valentine's day treat for tonight? this is INCREDIBLE and incredibly easy. it's called chocolate chip cookie pie and i saw it on one of my favorite food blogs called our best bites.
i made it the other night for company and put ice cream on top. O to the M to the G. twas delish.
this is before it went in the oven. i have no "after" of my own...because i forgot. but here's the pic from the food blog:

ya, i know...right? DROOL.

i use martha stewart's pie crust guys, stop buying storebought! this is super easy. here's someone's mama doing it for you on a video for our you visual learners like me.

alright players, sorry this isn't sentimental. i love my husband and my babies. THERE ya go.  i will have a more sentimental post later this week probably.

oh what? you want to know my plans for tonight? nato is picking up chipotle tonight and we're going to lounge on the couch. lame to the O. but i don't sounds glorious.


  1. Oh. My. Word. I need to make that chocolate chip goodness. Like, right now.

  2. i LOVE that valentine. that is hilarious. charmin' the ladies already. nice. :) chipolte and the couch?? um.. that's a real/long anticipated date around these parts. and i've been wanting to use the word 'whore' on my blog within that context several times and erased it. the little old church ladies just aren't ready i don't think. ;)happy v day. :)

  3. anything that involves chipotle is glorious. And i am literally drooling over that pie. I went to visit my cousin last year and she told me she planned to make it in honor of my visit but she never got around to it. I may have to disown her.

  4. I made that pie on Friday! Well actually I made 2 because it was for our youth staff Bible study and we eat a lot. It was SO good and SO easy! Yuuuummmeee!

  5. It does NOT sound lame-o...I think a night in sounds kinda fab-u-lo-so. Here's hopin' it's amazing. :)

  6. haha Hunter took me to Qdoba AND Pinkberry for lunch today! It makes me feel very pregnant how much I loved that valentine's day gift :) So good though!

  7. AH i told caleb i really really wanted chipotle. he wants a steak. we'll see who wins.

  8. Goodness girl - this was a lot of super great ideas/recipes. I'm set for the next couple of months now :)

  9. Ha! I love your take on Valentine's Day. We make it all about our kids too. The cheese factor is allowed to go up that way ;)
    I am definitely trying that pie. My family will love it.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I had found yours only a few days before that through 'take heart' where you shared your love story. It was so touching that I had to come over and check out your whole blog (but didn't end up leaving a comment).

    Imagine my surprise when you commented on mine! Must just be one of those weird six degrees of separation things.

    Anyway, I love the honesty and heart that you write with. Looking forward to more :)

  10. 1. perfect lil pancakes.
    2. can't wait to have kiddos, just to make that hand print/frame art.
    3. cheap and super awesome handmade valentines for friends = most popular cool kid (and mom) in class.
    4. cookie pie.....dang, dang, dang.

    seriously...all thought processes stopped after that "after" pic.

    happy love day to you and yours.

  11. You're not going to lounge and be lame you're going to the smoosh room. TO SMOOSH?

    Or don't you do that.. *Looks at your belly* Uh...huh....

    I'm the lame one, watching finding nemo, eating my weight in food... ALONE.


    Holla, I'll be drooling over the cookie pie.

  12. dang gina. that valentine is so you. i'm copying it next year. don't worry. hold on, i'm singing with adele right now.

  13. Those handprints are not cheesy at all. The photo valentines cards - perfect! I would love some of that cookie pie! OMG that looks to die for! What a wonderful V day!

  14. your blog is making me fat. you better stop.

  15. thanks for the pancake recipe!! I've been looking for a good one to make from scratch.

    my husband is standing in an apparently very long line at chipotle at this VERY moment. totally romantic dinner, baby!!

  16. Oh...hurt me with the dessert. Divine! Oh, and Chipotle and lame DO NOT exist in the same sentence. Love the simplicity of your plans tonight.

  17. Chipotle on the couch sounds AMAZING!! That pie makes me drool, looks sooooooo YUMMY!

  18. 1. I laughed out loud when I saw the Valentine's. I don't know why but I just found it freakin' hilarious. And super creative by the way!

    2. It is currently 11:00 pm at night (almost) and I amseriously debating whether or not it is too late to go to the store for ingredients for the chocolate chip pie recipe. I WANT.

  19. Hope layner saved me a Valentine esp since he seems stuck in the "girls are gross" phase! All this crafting/cooking makes me stoked to have my own lil place to call my own!

  20. I've never like pancakes but my Mama has a heart shaped waffle iron. yum! If I did like pancakes, I have no doubt I'd like yours, they look awesome.

  21. What more could you want! Chipotle and that pie!!! And of course the ones you love all around you! Looks like a perfect day to me. What a great wife and mother you are!

  22. CUTE James.
    Stop it with your crafty crafterness..
    Hot Jamz too?!

    Oh, you're good.

  23. Your handprint hearts turned out great! I love that you used a handprint from each kid - so clever. And yes, cookie pie is to.die.for! I made it before and it was a hit! Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's!

  24. we made that dessert just last night. yum yum. also, i may be a little slow, but did you print the words directly on the image for lane's valentine? use a stamp? what?

  25. good grief I had to scroll down for 5 minutes to comment.
    frame whore. I like the way you word things.
    and let's talk about those *baller* cards for Layne. not my idea but it's brilliant.

  26. Are you kidding me with Layne's V-day cards!!!??? I feel like a total loser now with the ridiculous ones I sent with Arle. Yours are the cutest things I've EVER seen.

  27. rachel,
    i put the words on the picture via picasa. or photoshop would work. and then i sent that whole print to walmart. BOOM. done...

    i sent spiderman ones from target last year. so fret have 17 more years of valentines days...

    yes, we did smoosh last night. BAM!

  28. Cute V-day cards for Layne's class! We bought a box of 32 for $1 from Target. Yep.
    And I LOVE OBB!! I just pre-ordered their cook book. You would be proud, they were on sale on B&N for pre-order, PLUS, I used a groupon! I got two of them, shipped for $25!!

  29. I have to make that pie.
    Cute idea with Layne "holding" the sucker.
    Thanks for the swift kick in the bootay about the Gardettos.
    A bag was half way hangning off the other day and I would have received 2 bags if I bought them, but I just walked away.

  30. speaking of picture frame hoarder, i am one too but eve more than that i am a cookie dough fiend! i simply must have people over to devour that with us! you have such a rad blog.

  31. holy yummers! the pancakes and the pie--look delish~ ah i love the little handprint pict~
    we had a chill v-day as well, and i thought it was perfect~ fighting the crazy crowds on v-day is for the birds:)

  32. Look at you...such a good mama on Valentine's Day. :) Love the 'rents gift and Layne's Valentines? Oh my gosh - so freaking cute. We totally bought Jaymin's this year (blushing). :) And I WILL be making this cookie monstrosity of yours.

  33. I have not been able to stop thinking about that amazing dessert since i read your blog. hint hint.

  34. what are these blog changes little miss!!?!

    LOVE your pretty face and blue borders up thur in the top right. holla.

  35. well, you left a comment on my blog about my similar valentines...but they weren't my idea either;) Looks like you had a great day though!

  36. and I have to remember the heart hands for next year!

  37. Those valentine's are AMAZING! And your blog and home are lovely.

  38. oh my goooodness. love this post.

    I want to steal the handprint hearts for my future children lol.

    as well as stealing that cookie pie. yummmm

  39. Love the vday cards! And chocolate chip pancakes and chipolte.. Youre making me so hungry! Stop it! ;)

    Sounds like a wonderful valentines!

  40. Umm, rock. Love all the ideas and since I"m late reading this will do next year.

  41. I just found your blog & I L-O-V-E it. I am your newest follower, #400, do I win a special prize? :) I also read Our Best Bites & made that cookie pie....SO good, so very, very good! But, I used a store bought crust...don't hate :)

  42. Just so you know I'm totally making this for company on Saturday night. I hear it does not disappoint!


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