Thursday, August 12, 2010

it is time, people.

well friends, my birthday is tomorrow. and for this completely non-monumental 29th birthday, i decided to do something crazy. something HUGE. something to out of my character. wait for it...

i got my tongue pierced!

not really. pa-lease.


this means my besties emily, hannah, and ashley will stop harassing me like they have for the past 2 to 3 years.
this means we need to break lindsay down and get her a facebook account too. last man standing...
this means my sister audrey has to get a blog. she said she would if i got a facebook.
this means my husband will be like, "what the what?! you got a what?"
this means i can stalk all of you by simply knowing your name.
this means i will join the world of time wasters.

get ready world, now that i have facebook... i'm legit!

so everyone, be my internet friends. i need to be vallidated as i am doing something i said i would never do. (you always do what you say you'll never do)

now what in the H is a "wall"?


  1. nevah, say nevah... again.
    (sung in the voice of the little mouse Fievel)

  2. Haha! Welcome to the FB stalking world! I'll friend you don't worry.

  3. Yeaaah girl! I'll be your friend :)

    P.S. Your "wall" is your homepage. Where people see you...

  4. Please be my FB BFF.

    also, ewww.... tongue rings.

  5. this is freaking me out... i totally had a dream last night that you got a facebook {is that the correct terminology?} and i was actually considering it in my dream {getting a facebook that is.} but i just can't do it, i'm too stubborn. i'm still holding out, mostly because it's driving jeanna crazy :). she's standing over my shoulder right now... good luck with the fb world. :)
    love, jenn

  6. muaaaahahahahha.

    that's me, pretending i'm dr. evil in austin powers. laughing at you finally getting a facebook.

  7. i actually thought the fb invite was a joke! welcome to a crazy world! glad to have you :)

  8. Ha! I gave in to peer pressure almost a year ago ~ welcome to the "time sucker" :)

  9. Happy Birthday! I sent you a friend request from our FB just so your not like "who is JK Lo" it's me lol

    p.s. I'm at your parents house...I love your mom she has always been my favorite friends mom lol

  10. Happy belated birthday! Are you REALLY 29? ;)


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