Thursday, April 1, 2010

where has my tiny baby gone?

let's play a little game called where's lila.

oh, there you are with a firetruck bib on and a hanger in your hand.

did you make this mess?

excuse me, lila... did you pull out all of layne's pajamas from the bottom drawer, as well as dump over a full basket of t-shirts?

oh, you don't know how it happened? i didn't think it was you. silly me.

and just so you all know, lila is walking. i know...after the video of her knee-hopping, we were all a little concerned. but whatever. when i'm not carrying her around(ha), my tiny baby is 18 months. i took a video to prove it. boo-ya, players!


  1. Aww Timothy is seriously in love with her. I'm going to pretend like they will get married one day because she is adorable and that would give us amazing tri-racial cutie grandbabies :p

  2. oh man that kiddo is cute! i love her.

  3. Oh, wow! She is such a cutie pie. I could eat her, except I won't because that would be weird.

  4. sorry Kat, lila is already spoken for.
    a long haired, fat, brown boy in orlando is waiting for her hand.


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