Wednesday, March 17, 2010

pom craft tutorial

i saw this tutorial on oncewed and thought i should try it. of course, i used a large lantern (unlike their small example)and overestimated the time and fabric it would take to complete this task. although it was simple, it was slightly tedious. i mean, i bought three lanterns to complete and only did one. enough complaining... i do love the finished product. i used green fabric and love the spring feel it brings to the room. but imagine them yellow and pink in a little girls room. so cute.

the best thing about this crafternoon project: it's super cheap. the lanterns are a buck at micheal's and i used fabric that i already had. because i'm a "fabric whore". that may sound a little racy, but i feel like i should be upfront about it.

1 million circle cut outs of fabric
-you'll probably need a yard or more!
hot glue gun
a lantern
ribbon to hang lantern
patience, dear child

fold a circle in half and then in another half, then glue to lantern. keep gluing circles kind of close to one another so they are supported enough to sit upright. for more details, go to the oncewed tutorial...

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  1. super cute james! i saw this over there (do we read the same blogs, or WHAT?!)

    i want to hang a bunch of these in the boys room over a reading "nook' i made for them!
    hey, guess what...i'll SEE you soon!!

  2. i saw that too and it's on my ever growing list of projects to do. hopefully i'll carve out some time soon!

  3. Nice work! I might have to add that to my "Project Big Girl Room" to-do list.

  4. so cute. I am going to re-do the girl's room (they are sharing now), and i may try to incorporate some of these!FUN

  5. how come hannah always leaves comments on your blog, but never on mine.
    i'm pissed.

  6. Ooooo.....Adorable! I am thinking these would be quite cute in my nursery! Thanks for sharing=)


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