Tuesday, March 2, 2010

owl bet you could do this craft. get it?

ya, i could be obsessed with birds and owls. just go with it. so here's a little onesie i made for a baby boy a couple weeks ago. i wish kate sawyer would post her owl onesie(and all her sewing projects for that matter) on her blog so you could see how i'm just fakin' it with my sewing "skills". this just further proves that anyone can do this craft.

anyway, here are the 4 shapes i used to complete the owl. after looking at 1000 owls in google images, i drew the template myself because i couldn't find a simple one online. it obviously doesn't have to be perfect--especially if you are using busy fabric.

on a totally different topic and with no transition, how cute is this chore chart my friend laura showed me. and it's free to download here at ModEco! i still haven't printed it out yet, but just think of how it will completely change your child's behaviour with a click of print. sigh...in my dreams. but ya, i have big plans to spend some serious time printing and laminating this chart ASAP. i love a good date-night with my laminator.

also, in the spirit of free things, here is a free manicure kit just for filling out your info and bra size at warner's bra company. i'll tell anyone my bra size for some freebie action. inappropriate. but you laughed a little, admit it.


  1. You and your craftiness are so cute but I can't sew. Not even a button. And while I love laminating things for school, you actually have your own laminator?!? How is that possible?

    You make that your tag line...Nato the Laminator. Or not.

  2. you really have your own laminator? that's a jewel of info that i plan on keeping in my back pocket. and i know those owls were for onesies, but i want to make one for myself. adorable!!

  3. yes, i really do have a laminator. my mom bought it for me at a garage sell and it is freakin' amazing!

  4. Hilarious - I've been blog-stocking you for a few weeks now=) I really enjoy looking at your crafts and recipes! The owl gave me some great ideas for a nursery project -thanks!

    Hope to "officially" meet you at church one of these days!

  5. I can't tell you how jealous I am of your laminator. You better keep an eye on it the next time I come over or it might accidentally end up in the back of my car.

    I also envy your craftiness...as always.

  6. LOVE the owl, so cute and popular right now! Also, nice chart, I have to keep that one in mind.

  7. wha?? you have your own personal laminating machine??? jealous.
    allyson =)


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