Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it's a....hmmm....i think it's a...

i just love looking at sonogram pictures that soon-to-be moms and dads pass around. and by that i mean, i love wondering what i'm looking at, while pretending i can see the shweenie or non-shweenie they are ever so gingerly pointing out.

as seen in the photo, my dad apparently can't hide his confusion as well as i can.

anyway, my sister audrey found out she's having a BOY. woo hoo! congrats auj. there are so many things i want to tell you about having a boy, but i think this last picture of layne explains it pretty well. this is an old pic of layne wearing these god-forsaken goggles, but lately, specifically on sundays when we go to church...he has, absolutely HAS, to wear his goggles.

here were my answers to questions from concerned church-gowers:

no, we're not going swimming after church.

no, he doesn't need protective eye wear.

no, he doesn't have a lazy eye. the goggles are just smashing that one eye.

no, you can not borrow them. they are speedo brand, m'kay?

what? he slapped your kid with the goggles? ya, well your kid deserved a holy goggle-slap for being jealous.

so get ready, auj. boys are crazy and fun and sometimes become obsessed with goggles.


  1. That is so funny that everyone in that middle pic looks absolutely confused and/or concerned!
    And I find out on the 25th,what this 3rd little one shall be!!

  2. Oh Jami, I love that you understand the joys of mothering a boy... We have yet to have a goggle incident with our 3-year-old but I DO fear for my 10 week old's life on a daily basis, and to think, it's just the beginning! :)

  3. aww boys are awesome and they do provide tons of hilarious war stories for parents. (lawn sprinklers anyone?!?) and besides without them who would we have to rescue us from all the evil badguys in the world? If I didn't have my boys i'm quite sure I would have died at least once ;)

  4. yes...katherine, i forgot the part about how boys pee on everything. how did i forget that?


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