Monday, March 29, 2010

girl's trip to dallas!

this weekend i spent some good ol' girl time in dallas with my besties: ashley,

emily, and hannah. we all met in high school and even though i was nerdy and looked like a hanson band member, they still surprisingly took me into their group. i would love to scan pictures to show you my nastiness, but i have burned them all.

side note: i know that my sunglasses take up half my face and i also understand that my elbow is basically popping out of joint. no need to make fun.

anyway, i seriously only took like, 3 pictures. there's just not much time to get the camera out when you sleep till 10:30 and start your day around 1pm.

but whatever, it's not important what we did(because we did a lot of laying around, laughing, and eating cookie dough)'s mostly about what i didn't do.

i did not change any diapers.

i did not cook meals.

layne did not wake me up by saying, "rise and shine,'s a busy day!"(he for real does this every morning)

i did not go to the mall with 5 different bags, complete with snacks, toys, diapers and sippies.

i did not chase any children through target.

i did not take any goggles away from anyone.

i did not feel bad for eating lucky charms.

i also did not feel bad for watching horrible r.kelly videos on you tube and laughing hysterically over and over... then making up my own songs following the tune of "in the closet". (if you've never seen this, just don't. the "series" is addicting because it's so terrible.)

anyway, i already can't wait until next year. thanks for the laughs, ladies. we totally restocked our inside jokes for the next decade.


  1. hip hip hooray for girls' weekends!

  2. I love it! So amazing to have such great friends and to be able to share a lifetime together! I had a group like this before I moved to KC, it is seriously the best!

  3. One, I think I win the award for high school "nastiness" (and I have not yet burned those photos and will reveal them on my blog for $1 million dollars). And two, I too have a weird funky elbow that I would be happy to show you on Friday night. :)

  4. yah for besties.
    and yah for r.kelly.

  5. Sounds like so much fun. My best friend from high school and I rarely talk. She went off the deep end for Jesus. Seriously.

    Here's the end of her last email to me. Cut and paste directly:

    "As Easter approaches, I am reminded of another undeserved gift- the cross. I'm praying that each of you enjoy each day of this beautiful spring, a reminder of new life in Christ and God's incredible ability to redeem that which was once dead. Praise Jesus.

    Love each one of you, you mean so much!
    in Him, jackie"

    I'm sorry. I can't relate to that. Anyways, the whole point of my commenting was to let you know that yup, we are non-vax/delayed vax. I've blogged about a little. You just have to hunt.

    Long comment, much? Sorry.


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