Wednesday, February 10, 2010

quit eating crap.

i don't do this often, but it's time to ever-so-gently shove my convictions on people that read this blog. i'm just kidding... kind of.

i heart organic foods. i love the quality and the nutrient value of organic food and i strongly believe they are better for you (and everybody else) than your regular grocery variety foods.

as mothers(generally speaking), we are literally the door keepers to what comes into our house. we monitor what our kids watch on tv, what they read, what they learn, and what goes into their belly's.

with that said, i think it's time we mommas say farewell to fake and non-nutritious food. a.k.a. high fructose corn syrup, enriched flour, and partially hydrogenated food items to name a few. these ingredients are false substitutes for real ingredients and are cheap imitations of the real deal. our bodies are overloaded with crap everyday...chemicals in our food, chemicals in our shampoos and lotions, chemicals in our water. no wonder the typical american dies from heart disease and cancer (btw,i'm not saying that every person who has had either of those diseases died because they ate bad food--i'm using generalizations here). our bodies are working overtime to filter all that out. and it can't.

anyway, i know one of the main reasons why people don't "go organic" is because they are on a budget and think they can't afford organic stuff, but i beg to differ. if you make your grocery list and menu for the week, you can get in and out of the store within your budget. click here to download this cute menu template from theprojectgirl to get started on the right foot. if you buy what's on sale and use coupons, you can even get everything under budget and then go buy a shirt at target as a reward. on clearance of course.

anyway i posted my receipt to prove this can be done. i spent $68 this week for a family of 4 at whole foods. i used $10 in coupons(they are in a booklet right when you walk research or cutting!). i even bought 3lbs of ground beef and some laundry detergent on this trip too, so don't think it's impossible to get what you need. (side note: i go to costco or target to get hormone free cheese and hormone free milk for cheap).

point is, you can go to the store and pick the cheap de la cheap, processed to the max items, or you can look at the ingredients on the back of the box and just say no to fake. it matters what you feed your family. you do not have to be a typical american with a typical american disease. BLADOW! be a conscious participant in your life. just because the box has the word "healthy" on it, doesn't mean you have to believe it. it's a freaking scam, people.

this doesn't mean you never go out to eat or you refuse to eat what people cook you when you go to dinner at their house. i just say, as for me and my house, this is the way it is. when my fam leaves this house...mazel tov. i can't control what they eat outside these walls, nor do i want to. so whatever... make good choices.

i'm slightly out of control passionate about a few things and one of them is this. i hope i didn't scare you. but i feel like if you're still my friend after knowing that i don't use deodorant, then you'll still be my friend after reading this. that's conductive reasoning or something i learned in college. and also, it helps that i bribe people. with free samples of burt's bees toothpaste.

if you want to change the way you think about food, watch this preview for the movie food inc. then take it to the next level and rent the movie. and then come to the dark side...wha-ha-ha-ha!...petting imaginary cat with pinky to mouth.

Food Inc. from Jason Cairns on Vimeo.


  1. That receipt is pretty convincing. Do you offer one-on-one economical organic tutorials? :)

  2. yes! haha, but really, let's go to wholefoods together. that place is magical.

  3. YEAH!! Makes me happy. I started trying to do this in Baton Rouge and then moved back to Kansas and it is too easy here to not eat good. Now I am getting back on track. I spent $50 at my local shop (the Merc in Lawrence) and bought all organic this week. Planned some great meals, am so excited about changing the way my family eats. We feel better too.

    I have to admit though...we will still have our nights out of crap..hopefully just not as often. :)

  4. Hi! I'm a friend of Momdiggity, aka Heather. I've looked at your blog a few times and love your creativity. I am also a passionate healthy food products, healthy body products, natural cures, limited vaccines for my kids kind of girl. It's hard for me to stay off my soap box at times, too! Sometimes you just have to let it all out, right? My mom just gave me Food, Inc. I haven't watched it yet but can't wait! Love this post!

  5. Thanks for the awesome blog post, Jami. I am totally with you. My problem is that I don't stick to my list at Whole Foods and then I usually get in trouble. I need to go back to meal planning and being more frugal. Thanks for the motivation for that.

  6. I have so much trouble with this. Being a hippy, you wouldn't think it. I just struggle with even wanting to eat healthy food. I like tasty sweet stuff. As for my kids, I just want my kids to eat. I don't care what, just eat and don't whine, you know?

    Blog more about this topic. Perhaps I'll be inspired to do better eating wise.

  7. we just watched food inc last week and we are on board, sister. james is even n board. no more crap-food! thanks for posting this. it is so important!


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