Monday, February 1, 2010

kickin' it old school

on friday night, my family and i enjoyed a visit to my grandfather's nursing home. every year, they throw a party to celebrate the anniversary of when the joint opened. i go mainly to see my aging grandpa...but i would be lying if i said that was all i go for. that place is full of people watching opportunities. full of tennis balls on everything. full of old people kankles.

plus i knew they were doing Japanese drums. old people hate loud noises. who thought that was a good idea? especially when you have to start the evening out by saying, "now everyone, turn down those hearing aids..." in the middle of the jam session, i wished i had one to turn down too. one point in the drumming nonsense, i looked over and the old people were holding thier ears. so, so, so funny.

and then i asked grandpa, "are you having fun?"his response: no, hell no.

after the drummers stopped and we all popped a tylenol, we had an opportunity to meet grandpa's girlfriend. he always has a girlfriend. i'm not sure if they are for real, or if grandpa's just making up stories, but who cares. she has a dog named pugsy that grandpa takes care of in the mornings while she goes to bible study. of course my dad started playing with the dog and grandpa demanded that pugsy have a glass of water, as she was overheated... after 2 minutes of playing. and the dog is like, 3 years old. more laughs abound.

i don't know, it doesn't seem like that bad of a deal. they have a calendar full of events every day. some of my faves include, but are not limited to:
Bible Study with Mercedes(who is mer-they-deths anyway?)
Mystery Bus Club (why are we being dropped of at quintiles?)
Slide show with Russ( and this is me before they dropped me off at quintiles)
Cheese and Crackers(excuse me,i have an appt. to go eat cheese and crackers.)
Make Dog biscuits(are these for the old people?)

ok, i have to admit. i want to live there. it's actually a swanky place with lots of things to do and has pretty good food from what i hear. so babe, don't be afraid to lock me up when the time comes...if i enjoy it now, think of how much i'll enjoy it then.
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  1. is that your grandpa that lived in the house where I would drop you off and pick you up at ungodly hours of the night when commuting back and forth to Emporia?! I remember he was always curios as to who was driving up the driveway!

  2. I loved this funny! Especially the part about all the old people holding their ears..(fist pic with older lady..LOL)
    I love old people though..they are so interesting and you can actually learn alot from them when they still have their sensibilities (sp?) about them.

  3. side note about hannah's comment: we went to emporia state together and would come home to KC almost every weekend! at midnight on sunday night, my mom would drop me off at my grandpa's(right off the highway) and hannah would pick me up so we could journey back to the dreaded town of emporia. good memories!

  4. jami...i'm laughing so hard. at work. tears. streaming down my face.

  5. Classic Baker response "no.. hell no". tell me how ya really feel grandpa? Gave me a chuckle as i fondly remeber you & I going for a walk & him pulling up alongside us saying "well, what the hell are yall doing?". And in unison, you & i both were like "ohhhh grandpa". That's my grandpa... gotta love it.


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