Monday, February 8, 2010

i might wear deodorant this year

i don't give a rat's asterisk if valentine's day is a commercial made-up holiday. since when is it bad to celebrate love? i say, it would make the world a better place if you all would quit throwing an anti-valentine's day fit, and make a centerpiece for your table.

my valentine's day table tactics are similar to every table setting i do...scrounge around the house pull out everything related to that season's colors and then group them together. this season, i happen to like red, white, black, and silver. the red heart place mats were a gift from my mother (a.k.a. texas-two-step-terr-bear) a couple years ago and can be written on with chalk...glorious. i like to write every one's names on them so the four of us don't get confused as to where in the world to sit. i bought the bucket from the hardware store for $6 and painted a square of chalkboard paint on it for a little pizazz.

so since i like frugalness, here are some cheap-o gift ideas for your significant other.

a)52 things i love about you: take a deck of cards that you already have(or go to the dollar store and pick one up), and write with permanent marker on each one of the cards one thing you love about him. so simple. so cute. so cheap.

b) make a coupon book. this is usually nerdy... except when it's for your husband and you can write inappropriately awesome coupons. the problem is, you have to be willing to let them be redeemed. my husband has forgotten about this here coupon book i made for him 2 years ago...i found it in the back of the closet. and after reading this blog, he'll try and find it because he remembers what's in it. with out any luck. because i burned it.
-i stamped the cover for this book and then just hand wrote the coupon's inside. i punched 2 holes in each coupon and tied a ribbon through the whole thing to bind it. once again, easy and cheap.

c)if all else fails(men), buy flowers at the grocery store. not carnations. carnations aren't really a flower, they're a weed. ya, it's true. in my house anyway. do yourself one better and buy a container of tulips. they are so pretty and last so much longer.

d) give the gift of reminding yourself to refocus your brain on the important stuff in life. if you go to and make a log in, when you go to the "manage my account" page, you can sign up to have marriage devotionals delivered to your email daily. there's one for single's and mom's too. sometimes, when your priorities are jacked, and you check your email before spending time with's right there in the old email. no fail for busy people.

e)give the gift of wearing deodorant. that's what i'm giving to my husband and i think it will really push this year's valentine's day to a new level.

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  1. You are funny! Great ideas.. thanks for sharing the website. I'm going to sign up for the daily devotionals.

  2. Omygoodness! I love it! All of it- except for the deoderant. Deoderant = overrated. Unless you are an overly-sweaty person in which case I highly recommend it.

  3. i totally ask for the tulips (or any other bulb really) for all the holidays instead of the usual cut flowers. I love spending money on things that last year after year! And oh the joyous coupon books... i'm afraid the children will find those 'dirty' things & be scarred. I say for sure burn after redeemed :) LOL

  4. why are you giving into the deoderant? don't do it james, don't do it.

    us stinky people need to stick together.

  5. hee hee, I love it, but I do have to say Jami, the carnation does it for me...although secretly I would rather have tulips, ha ha. :)

  6. Thank you so much for wearing deodorant again. I haven't been able to sleep a wink ever since I found out you don't wear any:)

  7. I love the deck of cards idea. I made one for Billy today! You're genius!

    I have finally given up deodorant for good as well. It's very hard...being a prescription strength sweat-er. I have been on a quest for some natural "deodorants" to no avail. The latest one was "desert wind" scented. Apparently, B.O. smells better than a windy desert.

    Love ya!

  8. thank you for loving valentine's day!

    seriously. so many of my friends complain about it being blah blah blah yada yada yada but i just can't figure out what is wrong with ANY day to celebrate love!


    and yes, i am reading all of your past posts because i may or may not have a crush.



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