Thursday, February 18, 2010

good crafternoon to you.

i have been eyeing these fake silver platters at the dollar store for a while now. not that i go in there ever week, or anything...uhhmmm. anyway, they are darling and come in a couple different shapes and sizes. so last week, i took the plunge and bought a couple of these bad boys. worst case scenario, i thought, if i don't do something crafty with them, i can deliver cookies to a neighbor on a shiny platter of love. high class tip: cookies always look better on a fake silver platter.

supplies you'll need:
-a cheap-o platter
-a foam paintbrush
-chalkboard paint in a can(not spray paint...unless you want it all to be black...which would also look cute)
-acrylic paint

1)first paint a layer of paint. wait and wait until it dries. i let this dry over night.
do not worry if it looks streaky, it will be fine.
2)paint another layer. wait and wait until it dries.
2 and 1/2) plan your menu for the week. just cheat and use mine.
3)if you want, stamp some words or objects on your platter. i used acrylic paint, but make sure that you heat set this with a hair dryer so it won't wipe off when you're erasing.
4)hot glue ribbon on the back so you can hang it.

i didn't stamp on the round platter so as to use it over and over again for holiday's, showers, love notes, and special occasions. can you just imagine, happy easter! hanging in the middle of your spring wreath on the door? cute alert. or maybe stop eating all my natural cheeto's, babe! sitting on the kitchen table? so many little time.

freakin' easy. you can do this.

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  1. cool. I like crafts I can actually do.

  2. ummm...i love it. i'm copying you for sure!!!

  3. UGH! i LOVE all your ideas!!! seriously, where do you come up with this stuff??

  4. such a fun idea. i might just have to hibernate this weekend and make one!! and did you know passion pit is coming to kc in april!?!?

  5. LOVE this! But, heat set? Huh? I'm going to need you to explain this process, please.

  6. heather,
    heat set means: set your blow dryer on hot and blow dry the wet paint. it will SET the paint so it won't wipe off. easy!

  7. Love this! Super cute! Pinned it!
    AND I saw you are from KC....Im from St. Joe {live in Texas now} So following you was a MUST! (:

    Chrissy @

  8. you are amazing, how do you think of these things? They just come to your mind so easily. Don't you ever suffer from mommy fuzzy brain like I do. Well, I do love to read your blog for inspiration, so like always, thanks for posting! :)


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