Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what the H is "PPS" ?

Layne goes to pre-school every tuesday and thursday. we had a rough start (remember that?), but eventually, he and preschool became friends and have been inseparable ever since. at preschool, they do a lot of projects; however, layne doesn't like to do such educational things. he isn't really into art...i mean, he'll participate but he'd rather be riding his bike or running until he's so hot his face turns two shades brighter than red. anyway, he brought home this piece of art that i'm pretty sure was supposed to be a snowman. you glue the fattest cotton ball on the bottom, then a slightly smaller one in the middle, and alas, a slightly smaller one on top of that for the head. ba-da-bing- ba-da-boom, a snowman.

layne wanted no part in this, apparently. he glued several cotton balls to the plate and called it a day. i'm sure he did this in less than 3 seconds...and wanted to go back to looking in his beloved binoculars(which his teacher's have to hide from him because he carries them around all day and won't let anyone play with them). OCD what? anyshway's, as i was laughing at his project on the way home, i noticed another handout from the teachers. it was titled, What I Like About EPD(extended day preschool).

please read what my child likes to do. Layne likes to watch at PPS.

"what does that mean?" you may ask yourself. well layne calls PBS(best damn thing on TV...public, educational, free!) "PPS". yes, layne was trying to say, "i want to watch a show, teacher." what is funny is that they just wrote that down, not knowing what it meant. i mean, i'm sure they tried to get him to say something else, but layne is very insistent and stubborn. he probably said it twice, got bored explaining the magic of public television, and went to play with his binoculars because those stupid teachers didn't know what PPS was. silly teacher's.

oh sweet child of mine, this is embarrassing. all the other boys like to paint or play motorcycles and you want to watch PBS. he does watch sid the science kid every day at the butt-crack-of-dawn (while lila and mommy sleep for 30 more minutes), but mostly you'll find him riding his bike in a loop through the kitchen and dining room. so it's not like he's sitting in front of the TV all day. i'm just saying.

basically, i'm glad the teacher's didn't know what he was talking about, or else i would have looked like a really bad mom. but they must have been thinking, "what a strange child who says he wants to 'watch at PPS'....what is PPS and how do you watch at something?" i can only imagine the acronyms they came up with. Preschool's Pretty Stupid? People Playing Swords? Pets Pooping on Snails? the options are endless.

whatever the case, please enjoy the insight into layne's brain and personality. and also, for not thinking i'm a bad mom, please enjoy these freebies:

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  1. i like to tell the parents in my class that i won't believe half of what their kids say if they don't believe half of their kids say. it's a two way street really.

  2. Rofl Logan would have listed every show he likes and told them all the shows that are "yucky"

  3. LOL!!!!! Can totally relate with the "snowman" craft. That's pretty much what ALL of Jaymin's crafts look like from Sunday school. One time there were actually crayon marks on a it and I got all excited and asked if he colored - oh no, one of the teachers did it for him. :) Or like you said, he'll have ONE LINE of color and I could tell he did it just to satisfy his teachers so he could go back to running around. :) That's my boy!

  4. Haha! Oh, Layne. You'd think his teacher would have figured out what he meant, though?!

  5. ohh layner!! btw you need to update your blog format to something new & fun! =)


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