Monday, January 18, 2010

unwanted wedding advice

well my younger sister, courntey, is getting marriaged this spring. and i loved capturing a few precious moments (not the glass figurine kind)during some intense wedding dress shopping. of course, i can't show you the dress, so here are a few snapshots that won't give anything away.

I'll have you know that while dress shopping:

i refrained from all...i mean some... snippets of advice-giving.

i tried on a satin bridesmaid dress that made me want to get a pair of spanx on ASAP.

i became aware that my sister, 10 years younger, has a rockin' bod and looked a lot awesomer in that same dress. hence, the need for spanx became more pressing.

i felt intense happiness that i was not planning a wedding. then felt sorry for my sister who is planning her wedding and is stressed out. although she probably would say she isn't, like we all did.

i wanted to tell my sister that marriage is hard and sometimes...i know this will be difficult to believe...but sometimes, you will not want to spoon with your shnuk-ims and let them breathe on the back of your neck all night long. in fact you will ask them to sleep on the couch every so often.

i should have whispered to her that the girl on the other side of the room was trying on the same dress but didn't look as cute. that bee-otch! doesn't she know it was made for you...the nerve.

i needed to tell her that sex works to make babies. so double bag it. i just didn't feel like it was that appropriate of a venue to share such information.

there are lots of things to tell my sister about marriage. but really, it won't matter. it's like trying to tell someone who's pregnant about how their life will change when the baby arrives. it just doesn't work. in fact, it scares them from having a convo with you ever again.

yet, we all still share unwanted advice all the time. admit it.

moving on, when you're the photographer on hand(by choice), you're never in the pictures you take. for the most part. this can be good for several reasons(like if you look like crap that day), but really bad for one: capturing your presence in that moment. so i took a shot of me as if to say, "look, i was here too... remember?" but whatever... i hear that weddings are about the bride and not her bridesmaids. who made up that rule anyway? oh, oh, i know! a bride. so smart.

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  1. look at you all snazzy and taking photos of yo'self in the mirror.
    so proud of my little girl.

  2. keep the wedding advice posts coming. my baby sister is getting married this year too, and i need some big sister tips so i don't scare her away. ; )


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