Friday, January 8, 2010

thug lovin' on a train.

well it's freaking cold outside and there's only so much sweet potato puree i can put in layne's juice before we all go crazy. so we ventured out to union station to look at the ginormous working train set choo-chooing through the station. it's every boy's dream. and every mommy's dream when you've been snowed in for days and days. stop snowing, kansas. anyway, layne is out of the demon-possessed stage so it's nice to be able to take him out in public again. he only threw a fit once over a getting a cheese bagel instead of a cinnamon-sugar bagel, so i was pleased.

there was also a mini-train to ride and, of course, we got suckered into letting layne and lila ride. but their faces were priceless and it was fun. while sitting there taking in the joy of 2 behaving children having fun, i looked down at the "conductor's" book(it was a slow day) titled thug lovin'.

synopsis:(please, please, read this)
Back in the hood but movin' on up, Tasha and Trae Macklin have reformed somewhat but are still in urban grit mode. In Clark's latest street lit, her fourth novel in the Thug series, the couple's moved to L.A. although Trae briefly returns to the East Coast for some revenge killing after his cousin Shaheem's murdered. Three years later, Tasha has three children and it's all good except Trace opens up a flashy nightspot, Club New York. To do this, he makes a connection with Charles Li, a Chinese mobster, and his dangerous daughter, Charli. Then Sabeerah, a devious young witness to Trae's New Jersey crime, moves to L.A. and tries to blackmail Trae. In another plot line Det. Rick Bryant, the couple's neighbor, gets involved with Kyra, Tasha's old friend, whose hubby, Marvin, is using drugs. Clark, who started her writing career while incarcerated, depicts Tasha's travails and Kyra's problems with a brutally honest squint, but it's hard to care about extra thuggy Trae.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

um, wow. i'm not even sure what all that means. i hate to make fun of it, but what? i'm confused. LOL.


  1. ha ha... sounds like one of those "inspiring" novels. geez!

    cute pics of the kiddos!

  2. Rofl I bet the "conductor" owns the whole series. Lol.
    It actually sounds like it would be impossible to market. The only people that know what that means cant read, so...yeah
    Layne and Logan need to hang out. (nevermind the fact we live thousands of miles away) Thomas the train is our number one favorite toy in this house.

  3. I'm totally confused? But then again, I'm not always the sharpest crayon in the box.

  4. You are hilarious and would make a really good spy.


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