Monday, January 4, 2010

new year's re-cap and free samples!

ok, new year's re-cap(in simple words):

we made up a bunch of new rules for the game.
great people in attendance.
stayed up till 3am.
that was really dumb.

moving on, lila is in a little competition for this here photograph. go here and vote for her to win(she is letter H). which means, mommy wins... a framed, huge photograph. i love this pic because she looks like an old man laughing hysterically...and that makes me laugh. so go ahead and vote for lila!

ok, i haven't posted free samples in exchange for voting for sweet lila, i will bribe you with these freebies. tip: use an old email address when signing up for these, or your mailbox will be full of junk. no fun.

free kashi granola bar. delish.

free juicy juice water bottle. sign up for mailing list(make sure to check the box for free sippy)

free pampers diaper. i put these samples in the car for when you forget the diaper bag!

don't forget your pooch. free dog food sample from rachel ray. all her proceeds go to animal shelters...which is nice.

free organic cereal from barbara's bakery. i love this brand....try it.

and, to top it off, a free sample of tampons. ha. i also put these samples in the glove compartment for emergencies as well. you just never know when aunt flow is coming to town.

once again, the frugal bugal has done you right. no, no... don't thank me. my reward is in heaven. i'm joking...go ahead and leave a comment to thank me. it will boost my self-esteem.
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  1. Bunko! AHH! I'm so sad we missed it. You're not allowed to have any more fun parties without us.

  2. What, what! I AM your blogging BFF because I already voted for you. So there.

    Also, ever heard of this blog? She taught our Dave Ramsey class and always posts the latest freebie/best coupons.

    You're welcome. :)

  3. You just had to rub it in my face that we couldn't be at your NYE party. Looks like so much fun. I heart Bunko. Sad we missed it:(

  4. jami, thank you for the freebies & coupons! Also, the paystobefrugal site is equally AMAZING! Seriously... Thank you Jami & thank you Audrey!!!!

    can u tell how amazed i am by all the exclamations? lol

  5. sad to have missed the nye party as well, but i was happy to be out of the bitter cold, and basking in the warm sunshine of socal.

    your freebies are my faves...granola bar and cereal are on their merry way to my house. so excited!!!

  6. yeah, wish we could have made it. thanks for freebies, I signed up for some!!

  7. I voted, You better win because that is definitely the cutest picture I've ever seen.


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