Thursday, January 21, 2010

it's time to get crafty

ok so my BFF emily made a silhouette of her daughter and posted it on her blog the other day. i was so inspired, i kicked the kids and husband out of the house last night and did it myself. so here are the silhouettes i made of layne and lila. don't they look sweet, well behaved, and quiet? really, it didn't even take that many supplies or that much time(45 minutes not counting how long it took me to get a picture of lila to standing still against a wall!).

so the directions are here at emily's blog. just a side note about em...she LOVES to collect beanie babies and glass horse figurines. so don't be surprised about what you find on her blog.

anyway, moving on to yet another craft... i've made a couple of these door hangers for new mommies that say, "be quiet!". so that everyone knows to knock softly(or not at all) when they see the little birdie. you know what, if you see the birdie, just go away. mom is passed out on the couch, in the same sweats she wore 3 days ago--with crazy bird nest hair and mascara smeared under her eyes. you don't want to see this.

all you need for a door hanger is:

a wood form
a button
hot glue gun
stamps or nice handwriting and a stamp pad

1)paint the bird...let dry
2)stamp on the bird. there are so many cute stamps out there...check out the dollar section at michael's!
3) edge the bird with black stamp ink. i use a cotton ball or sponge to do this.
4)hot glue a ribbon on the back in a loop shape to fit on door handle.
5)look crafty and awesome. but really it was so easy that you kind of feel bad pretending that you did a lot of work.

now get to crafting!

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  1. i'm so offended, you forgot to mention my collection of rare indian dream catchers.

  2. Hahaha! I love it. Now, why didn't somebody make these silouhetts a few months ago? I could have saved a bunch of money. (That's Allstates stand. Get it? Like the commerical?)

  3. Ps. Ignore the typos. I can't spell.

  4. Hi Jami,

    You & emily are wicked creative! aww... I think I'm for sure going to make this door hanger..I have two new mommies who would love them.

    God bless,

  5. SO CUTE! Eyelashes in all. I'm so always. Where did you get the little wooden birdies?

  6. i got the birdies from michael's...they were in a pack of 6 or something. most likely from the wood section, but you never know with me. i could have found them in a secret bin in the back room. i'll spend hours's a problem.

  7. very must go to michaels without your kids. I try to go to Hobby lobby and after 30 minutes we get thrown out...well not really but the old lady with a glue gun (there is literally an old lady that walks around there with a glue gun) starts looking like she wants to shove the hot glue sticks up my nose (is that graphic enough?)so I try to get out of there before my childrens volume/touch-everything-in-sight levels get too high

  8. Thank you so much for your comment because it allowed me to find your blog! All of your crafts are just darling! And I agree....I think we're basically destined to be friends! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    And PS.....I totally saw the hanger in Kristin's nursery! I now see you must have given that to her! Precious!

  9. I was totally ready to pony up and pay somebody to do a silhouette of Arle but, alas, Jami saves the day! Definitely going to be my next craft:)

  10. we should have a silhoette party! seriously, that would be fun...


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