Wednesday, January 6, 2010

crafternoon delight

if you received an anthropologie gift card this year, it arrived in this adorable card-coozy of sorts. so freaking cute. is it a frog? is it a creature from heaven? is it my inspiration for a craft? yes to all of the above.

i made this onesie for an upcoming baby shower. my thought was that you could put the binky clip in the pocket or something. perhaps it could also house your cell phone as well. then you always know where your cell phone is...
"honey, where's your phone?"
"oh, it's on the baby."

it will probably really just house slobber, food particles, and boogers... but what a cute way to store such grody-ness.

do i need to explain this craft? it's pretty self-explanatory. heat and bond a rectangle(with curved edges) for the base. iron that bad boy on to the onesie.

cut a smaller rectangle to put on top. bam.

cut some little "hands" that look like thumbs. iron them on.

sew all around it. i hand stich because i like that look...but by all means, get your machine out. i would get mine out, but ever since a mouse died in it, i can't bear to use it. uh oh, i need a new and better one! (babe, this is your cue. step up with some cash.)

then sew some buttons on it. bladow...your crafternoon has been very satisfying.

ok so after you craft it up, make lemon chicken for dinner. after squeezing a lemon for it's juice to put in your recipe, don't throw that lemon away. just stick it in your dishwasher with the rest of your dirty dishes. turn it on and let the smell-goods overtake your nasty smelling sippy cups...try it, player haters. you won't be a hater anymore.

oh, and P.S., i put sweet potato puree in layne's "juice" today and he loved it. dirty.
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  1. sweet potato?? sick! love the crafternoon delight.

  2. great idea for the dishwasher. i've used a lemon/orange in disposal too... works!

  3. Just as always, I love your craft idea and want to puke after hearing about Lane's juice. :)

  4. Found you on Sew Chatty Linky today. So glad I did! I'm following now!


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