Wednesday, December 9, 2009

so we moved.

so we moved into our new house from the old house in literally four hours. like, we slept in the house that night. it was crazy and ridiculous, but that's how we roll. that doesn't mean that everything was put into it's place in that four hours(the opposite actually), it simply means that i will know where nothing is for the next 6 months. i just want to know where my little bird dish is, so i can put my rings on it when i clean the dishes. is that too much to ask for?

anyway, this house is really old. like, lots of charming original touches everywhere. all the doorknobs are glass or porcelain. love that. the tile in the bathroom is the original subway tile on the walls with small honeycomb tiles on the floor. be still my beating heart.

the chandelier in the dining room is way too fancy for my rustic furniture... but i love the juxtaposition of it all. it's like the furniture is saying, "us hillbillies from across the tracks are here to stay in yur' fancy home, ya hear!" it's true. we arranged the furniture in the living room last night and as my husband and i stepped back to admire our work, we couldn't help but think that our stuff looked college-dorm-roomish in this house. whew, we'll make it work!...i think?

so like i said, it's an old house. my mom came over today and i caught her scraping the frost off the old windows. not from the outside, people...from the inside. looks like new windows are in the mix. not this winter though. we'll have to weather through the storm. literally.

the only thing that could cheer me up from thinking about how much 20 new windows would cost is the label maker i got for Christmas. early. because, in the spirit of not celebrating Christmas(not on purpose, but because we're too busy to buy tree this year, put up decorations, or send out Christmas!) i asked my mom for the gift early. ba-humbug. anyshways, it is a magical machine that everyone should have. i went overboard with this, even labeling lila as "platypus". just in case i wanted to ever call her a human. but that would be silly.

the only thing that could make me happier than a label maker, is organized kitchen shelving. i am awesome at organizing and should win a prize for being awesome and humble. not really. my sister organized this, as her spiritual gift is marketing kitchenware apparently. seriously, she is incredible. thanks auj.

SO this is my life right now.
placing items here.
then there(because it just didn't look right over there).
then chasing lila because she loves climbing stairs.
then telling layne to go watch a show because he can't drag lila down the stairs by the feet(this is dangerous).
then finding another box with random crap in it(where did that box even come from? why do i still have this shiz? why did nato pack stacks of paper from his office desk with out going through them?)
then smelling my armpit accidentally and wondering when the last time i wore deodorant was...
which is like 2 years ago because i'm a hippie. go with it.

more pics to come. maybe of the children. they haven't been on this here blog in a while.


  1. is that "robitussin" in your hanging organizer?? could you?!

  2. haha...i noticed the robitussy too. that's funny james.

    i love the place...can't wait to see it in person. fly me out there fool.

    also. i love not wearing deoderant. it always freaks people out when i tell them that i'm not wearing any.

  3. LOVE the house! LOVE the chandi (chandelier slang) and the tile in the bathroom. my heart is beating right along with yours!!! and my favorite line from this here post?

    "us hillbillies from across the tracks are here to stay in yur' fancy home, ya hear!"

  4. well it was a freebie from walgreens. if you look closely, it is unopened. still a hippie!

  5. I'm officially in love with those cabinets!!!! Tres chic, my friend. Congrats on your new digs.

  6. i'll make sure to pick up some organic deoderant as a house warming gift ... no need to loose any friends over your odor!

    Love the new house!!

  7. i love it! love the chandelier. love the cabinets. love it. i can't wait to see it in person. in case you need some help organizing...i'm also incredibly good and humble. i just don't move very fast these days.

  8. um, i love your house! LOVE, LOOOVE the bathroom tile!

  9. I missed the robitussin, but I did noticed the home pregnancy tests in your home organizer....time for another Nato already?!?

    And speaking of the littles, I adore looking at them but I'd LOVE to see more pictures of the house.

    Bring on the pictures!

  10. you guys are analyzing my medicine cabinet! haha. no, no babies in the mix. i keep those preg tests around when i get totally paranoid. which is why i buy them from the dollar store...because this happens every week.

  11. Yeah, I love the house, I am dying to get into a cute old little house! I am sure your guys stuff will fir perfect and make it look even more beautiful! And Christmas decorations are overrated. Justin says yesterday "We need some garland or something in here." My thoughts "I am seven and a half months pregnant, I could care less about it yourself." hee

  12. i'm glad audrey said something about the prego tests first...i too noticed them. hmmm. your response is simply not convincing!

    So anyway, I'm inviting myself over. Maybe next Tuesday after EPD? Sound good? Ok, see you then.

  13. Someday, in my dreamhouse, I will have subway tile and hexagons. Swoon.


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