Saturday, December 26, 2009

a poisoned christmas?!

this christmas, my children were spoiled. i was spoiled. my husband was...wait, my husband got poison ivy everywhere on his body and was miserable. he has hulk hands, they are so swollen. poor guy. well, that's what he gets for stealing the bon bon's i made to give as gifts...don't you know, darling, that's what happens when you binge eat hand-made chocolate candies that took me three hours to craft. some people say you get poison ivy from being out in a field and cutting logs, i say you get it from being sneaky.

moving on, layne received a bike from daddy and mommy...not santa. why does that guy get all the credit? and he got a "learning doll" that i bought because it looks exactly like him. nato threw a fit about it. "i don't want my son to have a doll!" whatever, it's not a doll. it's a learning doll. these man-dolls help them learn to tie their shoes, zip zippers, button shirts, velcro know, learning-manly-types-of-things. lila got clothes and shoes because what girl doesn't like clothes and shoes? she of course loved playing with the trash and packaging more. i'm not sure if it's because she's a platypus or because she's a tiny baby(forever). ha. what? i do not baby her.

and this year, we had my side of the family over for christmas as my parents home is under renovation. we made spaghetti for everyone...because if spaghetti doesn't scream, "CHRISTMAS!", i don't know what does. as per tradition, we decorated cookies. then took it to another level and judged them(i come from a big family, you must create a competition for everything). below is the winning cookie. if you click on the picture, it will blow it up. this cookie comes complete with a comb-over, beard scruff, and wooden eye-lids. he needs a dentist, but his personality gets him farther than his looks from what i'm told. and yes, next to the winner is another face(with scary eyes) that was supposed to be a bell. why can't my siblings just make a normal bell? also, as if you didn't have enough to look at, please notice my mom in serious decorating mode. very intense about the competition!

as for me, my hubby got me those awesome boots i posted about a while ago on my blog. he is astute. the boots are adorable. what is not adorable is my husband's shot of me with no make-up on and crazy hair. and nasty pajamas. and pasty white skin. ALWAYS come down on christmas morning looking cute. i say that every year and it never happens. these kind of pictures live on...and show up at your 50th birthday party or something. great, can't wait.

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  1. love the pic of layne cruising in his undies & frog rain boots! nice that you & him have matching rain boots!! now pls post a pic of lila walking!!!

  2. wow, that sounds like an eventful christmas. i completely agree with you about the pics. last year there was a horrible family pic taken on christmas morning. i look like a man and my mom insists on having it framed in her house. i yell at her everytime i go home. i made sure to wash my hair the day before christmas this year. love the cookie contest!

  3. yay for hunter wellies!!! and that green color is so darn cute! looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. loving the cookies, and your new wellies! ha ha, your so cute Jami! Can't wait to get together soon! :)

  5. Love the new boots - maybe next year ask for some cute pajamas! :)


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