Sunday, December 20, 2009

please meet my "no-butt"

i don't generally take pictures of my own bootie, but lucky for you all my younger sis, audrey, grabbed my camera as i was bowling over thanksgiving break. to point out the obvious, i have no junk in my trunk. pathetic. don't they have butt pads or something out there for my kind?

anyway, if you read this blog, you know that i am SURPRISINGLY athletic. that means i use this phrase for myself because i don't play any sports and i suck at them. but if you throw something at me(such as a dirty diaper), i will likely catch it and by pure reflex, throw it back at your face(likely hitting you in your ear). BOOYA!

anyway, i usually rock it in the bowling department(not to brag on myself, n'kay?), but i was not on my A-game that night. dude, whatever... everyone has their bad days. i will ask you now to focus your attention on my form and end pose in this next pic. some call it bowling, some call it yoga, some call it genius. obviously, it was only genius enough to knock down more than 4 pins. who cares. audrey beat me though...that really errks me.

moving on, my grandpa bowled one ball the entire night. please enjoy his plaid shirt(that i'm pretty sure he sleeps in) and his wrangler jeans. my mom said growing up, they would go to the lake every summer and he would water ski in jeans and a button up shirt. in 100 degree weather. that is freaking awesome.

i've seen a picture of it. i'll see if i can't get my hands on it and post it...glorious.

the last picture has nothing to do with bowling...but did happen on thanksgiving break. layne is a serious stinker, however he makes me laugh daily. love that dude.

ok, since you've persevered through this post. have you all heard of pandora? it is an incredible source of music. you just register and every time you sign in, it will play music by the artist you type in and others in that same genre. fo' free. all day long. so great when you're cleaning the kitchen or doing a craft or making out. i'm just saying...

check it out, fools. it will do you right.

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  1. i know what you mean about the no butt thing. some people with huge butts might not feel sorry for the no-butt crowd, but having no butt can be as unattractive. (not that yours fact, it looks pretty good in the pics)i lose my butt along with my baby weight each time too. i am working on buiding it back up, tho. ; )

  2. omgirotflmao.

    picture #2. my fave. that is the best friend that i know and love. i'm gonna post it on my blog.

  3. oh my word, you are ridiculous. i love it!

  4. i call it "noassatall disease" and i'm wildly jealous of the condition! i have some booty-liciousness going on, if you know what i'm sayin'!

  5. I will gladly donate some of my junk to your cause. I have plenty to spare.

  6. you make me laugh out loud... and you can have some of my bubble butt anytime... really, I promise, i'll share as much as you like! do people really do that?!

  7. first, i'll wait, GIVE you some booty! i've got a little plus some!

    second, pandora is wonderful! BUT...only 40 hours a month are free, which as a student racks up pretty quick. but yes, it is bliss.

  8. A. You R right you have NO butt BUT you have TONS I mean TONS of BOOBS! Why not post those twins up here, you know twins run in your family, fo real....

    B. You know you are related to those plaid wrangler wear folks...need I say more... Yes I should. I am pretty sure YOU ran around it that outfit a time or too...

  9. adrianne kozar is that you? LOL...childhood friend alert. don't scare my friends away by talking about my "besties".

  10. you can have some of my butt, I have plenty to share, ha ha


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