Tuesday, December 15, 2009

personality differences caught on camera once again.

lila at 15 months is a continuous smiler. a continuous obeyer. a continuous cheeky monkey. a continuous late bloomer. (and no, her hair will not stop growing)

she did take 4 consecutive steps yesterday. that is good. i did make her use a sippy cup yesterday and today. uh-thank-you. i did not tell her she was "my tiny baby forever" like i usually do. i think such comments have been keeping her down. literally.

layne at 3 years old is a continuous talker. a continuous debater. a continuous challenge. a continuous brainiac.

he says things like "i don't want a spanking for being naughty in the store. if you spank me, i would like you to use only your hand. i want a softly spankin'." or "i would like the crunchy, brown, granola cereal in the white box with the farm on it, please. i love that cereal. it is so scrumptious, mommy." and i'm not joking. scrumptious is a major part of his vocabulary.

i know this is what my posts are about when i put their pics on my blog. but i am continually amazed by such differences in personalities.

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  1. those little booties are scrumptious.

  2. You have a precious family, your kids are very lucky to have such great loving parents :)


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