Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i know, i haven't been crafting lately.

first of all, thank you for all your appetizer ideas. besides my BF's suggestion of pig's in a blanket(which she knows i despise), they were lovely and will get me out of my same old apps rut.

now lately i feel like i have been posting a lot of the kids and no crafty stuff. so basically, that sucks of me. but i've moved recently and have not been doing anything resembling craftiness. i have,however, been using my label maker daily though. that is a plus. it is amazing how many things desperately need to be labeled. what a glorious invention. tangent. all that to say, i've been putting things in their place...and thinking about how i want to paint and decorate this old house.

so side note: here is how i'm decorating the fireplace area. the room will be lighter grey with charcoal colored drapes. behind the fireplace will be this wallpaper. it has a slight shine to it, which will be a fun piece of interest in the room. i always said that there was a special place in hell for people that put up wallpaper, but i am enjoying eating my words. there are so many fun prints out there!

back to what i was saying, it's been snowing a lot here. and it's annoying, but pretty. so i've had a lot of photo opps. with a great camera sweet lila looks more sweet and even layne manages to not look demon-possessed. terrible three's, not two's by the way.

so because i've been playing in the snow and "thinking" of decorating ideas, let's talk about crafty things someone else does. my BF emily, mentioned above, made this christmas card holder for me a couple years ago. it is a simple project...a board that she stamped on and painted, and two ribbons hot glued on the back that hang a couple inches apart. just clothespin the cards on there and viola! it is so cute...thanks em.

ok, next random idea(not craft). we chop the bottom off each of our christmas trees that we cut down and write on the wood nub thing. (what do you call that?) anyway, it's fun to look back at each piece and remember that year. now don't you go cutting the bottom off your fake tree...this only works for the real deal.

i know, that was all random and in 5 different places...but i hope you got some inspiration somwhere in there.


  1. Your hats look so cute! will forward to sara, mom

  2. you are just adorable. i'm dying to see that old house...invite me over already...okay maybe i should invite you over first.

  3. I like the wall paper, I think it will look great, and cute creative!

  4. love the pics...esp the snowflake on lila's eyelash!! forward me them for lola por favor!

  5. Oh my goodness. I love the pics. What camera do you use? I am in the market to buy a DSLR and need help. I'm counting on you!

  6. Cute snow pics! It "snowed" in here in Nashville yesterday. It was more like a light sprinkling of fairy dust. Can't wait to see more house updates!


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