Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i just couldn't help myself.

so i did decorate a little. i couldn't pretend that it wasn't Christmas anymore. we saw a tree at hyvee and it was $20(for a non itchy kind...that's a crazy bargain) and we decorated it the other night. layne is starting to really remember things so i didn't want to scar him for life by not doing Christmas-ee things this year.

and then i thought, hey, while the Christmas decor is out, i might as well decorate the dining room for good measure. i got these birds and ornaments at the dollar store a month ago. i did have to make some minor modifications to the birds, as they had scary, big, doll eyes and weird chicken feet on them. i ever so gently plucked them out of the body. that actually sounds loopy and psycho, but i promise, i took no pleasure in such a task. i even apologized profusely to the birds. i have come to the conclusion that they are happier this way.

moving on...for the center piece, i just used what i had. a silver platter, a cake plate topper, a random lantern and some pine cones. it's not a red and green santa with flashing lights coming out of his belt, but it's my version of subdued Christmas decor. that would be my tip to all of you who want to do something different this year for Christmas decor...pick 3 colors and run with it. mine are silvers, greys, and whites(with some woodsy touches here and there).

"but i've already decorated because i was not a scrooge like you."

oh you, it's never too late to reorganize your Christmas shiz.

so take all your green things and group them together. then grab some green things lying around the house that aren't Christmas-ee and put them in the mix too. get a silver or white platter/bowl and display your collection on/in that. BAM. you're awesome.

now for another nugget of...hmm...random gloriousness. instead of using your credit card to buy Christmas gifts this year and rack up debt trying to impress people you don't even like, go ahead and let your card do some real work for you. my debit card expired and i got a new one in the mail yesterday. instead of throwing it away, or letting lila chew on it(ok, she did that anyway), i use it as a scraper for dishes. so random. but i've used it like 5 times to get crustable crustees off my pans and it is my new best friend. try it. love it. embrace it. but most of all, put it in the dishwasher when your done for cleanliness sake.

in conclusion, i have no conclusion. so just go to my friend allie's blog to see the ridiculous pictures she posted of us. i am normally much more mature than this. uh hmmm....

random post. go with it.

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  1. Love the random blog, and most of all not racking up debt to try and impress, or have a big Christmas. It's not suppose to be about that :)

  2. I LOVE the idea of using a credit card for a dish scraper. Ingenious!

    We cut our cards up long ago but I bet I can find an empty gift card around some place.

    Ps. More house pictures. Please?

  3. bam. you're awesome.
    i checked out your friend alli's blog and i totally know billy brimblecome. from like waaaaaaaaaay back when i was in elementary school. so crazy. small world. love your creative deco, wish i wasn't being a scrooge and not decorating at all. okay, so we have a tree but the kids take the ornaments off EVERY{freakin}DAY and i keep threatening to take the whole dang thing down but then i cave and say alright we can keep it up because it IS the only christmas-ee thing in our house and i've already ruined the santa-thing for them. anyway, have a great day.
    love, jenn

  4. Justin loved your comment on Dave, Ramsey. We have been working on it for awhile and he really wanted the financial peace university for Christmas, but it will have to wait a little longer. Yeah, I knew there was a reason we liked you guys, ha ha!


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