Monday, November 23, 2009

this is my rug.

i know what you're thinking... you're moving in 2 weeks, why are you taking pictures and not packing? well, good question. but the answer my friends is simple: avoidance, denial, and general laziness. these 3 things will get you far in life. and by "far" i mean to jail.

on that note, i promise my blog won't turn into a photography blog...however, it is my hobby. and this is my small rug of internet space so i can do whatever i want. who is sassy today? me.

so these are my friends from an old small group. as you can see, they are ugly, so i only used their legs in the pictures. just kidding, they are so cute...but i have a slight obsession with legs and feet when taking pictures. this can be fun, or a disaster when you are taking christmas card people don't generally send pictures of thier feet to loved ones. but i think if we all rally together, we can change this. think a new thought, people. everyone is tired of seeing your faces! i know that is completely false, but i have to justify myself somehow.

but ya, next post i will be making a christmas idea list for those of you who are broke as a joke this year. we've had many a lean christmas 'round these parts, so i'll share my frugal secrets. this year for christmas, our gift to ourselves will be an obnoxiously yellow hummer with a hot purple laser decal on the side! also, there will be a big screen tv attached to the side of it that shows what we're doing on the inside of the car. wouldn't that be awesome if i weren't totally making this up? btw, i'm sorry if i just described and made fun of your car.

actually, since we are moving, our gift to each other will probably be a washer and dryer. that is exciting isn't it?

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  1. I've seen the Hummer your talking about lol (well minus the screen that shows what is going on inside) you could totally rock it :p

  2. oh i love pics of kids and parents cute! please don't get that hummer...sounds horrendous and i don't know if we can be friends anymore.

  3. your humor brightens my day.
    thank you :)
    love, jenn
    ps. i'm super excited for the frugal Christmas list... can't wait.

  4. i think we should all send christmas card photos of our legs/feet and see if we can match them ot the right person. hilarious!

  5. I like the pics, nice work Jamie! I am excited to get belly pics!!

  6. Hey, Jamie. Looks like we are in the same boat. We are moving in a month and I haven't even thought about packing.

  7. that little pumpkin of a girl is delish....and oh, is she wearing UGGS?!?!?!?! LOVE them!

  8. Great to see your progression with your photography. Ok, time to sleep now :).


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