Sunday, November 1, 2009

sweet treats day highlights personalities.

i think this fist picture epitomizes the statement, "every child has their own personality."

from day 1, layne has been serious and smiling only comes from the depths of his soul--you really have to catch him on a good day to experience a happy heart(mmm, teenage years here we come). he does laugh a lot and is a well-behaved child for the most part. but man, he is a "serious sam".

then there's lila. she will laugh at anything. she is mostly always happy. she will eat anything(not excluding a bounty of leaves). very laid back. will go to anyone. in fact, loves strangers.

a lot of times us parents like to take credit for our kid's personalities or how smart they are. but the more children i have(i know, i only have two), the more i think we really have little control over personality traits, intelligence, and sometimes behaviour. i'm not saying we should let children be raised by wolves or not teach them manners and morals--we should. definitely. but we should probably be a touch less judgemental towards other parents because they have a crazy kid. in target. screaming, "gimme that transformer!". wait, was that layne?

anyshway--layne walked at 10 months, lila is 13 months and has no interest. layne was reading at the 4th grade level at 12 months, lila thinks a book is for snack time. layne is mr. angry toddler with grandpa(most of the time)...and lila is obsessed and laughs hysterically with him. the differences are funny, mostly because i didn't really do anything different with them in the raising department. this further bolsters my argument.

whatev. too many deep thoughts for one post.

please enjoy our "sweet treats day" pictures(or "halloween"as the rest of the world calls it). layne was an orange ninja turtle, lila was a pig, mommy was a pig farmer(please note i'm wearing a bbq sauce necklace...guess who's gonna get eaten!) and daddy was a ninja. hi-yah!

i know i said this would be the giveaway post for the awesome vinyl art, but i forgot about sweet treats day.

next post, i promise.

and sorry the pics are so over exposed. my bad.

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  1. Some random thoughts after reading:

    1. I bet you made those costumes. *sticks out tongue at you*

    2. Ahh... nature vs. nurture. Been debated for ages. Here's what I think: we have to nurture our children with love AND respect. When they act terrible in public, blame it on their nature.

    3. A BBQ sauce necklace? Eh?

    4. Stay alert. Roger that. Over and out.

  2. geez, you guys are adorable! love lila as a little pig! :)

  3. love, love, love the costumes!!! you guys are such an adorable family, personalities and all.

  4. those are the cutest pictures ever!

  5. you guys are ridiculous. i love nato dressed up as a ninja. seriously though...great post. i am a little nervous that God is going to seriously humble me with my own child since i know i have been way too judgemental way too many times about people's crazy kids in target.

  6. i love that first pic of layne, and tell mark nato he is a freak in that collge pic of him and layne, where he is nearly doing some high level yoga pose.

  7. I love the pics they look great! Good post too, things I think about as we are about to become parents. The task of raising our kids, and trying our best to do it right. sigh


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