Friday, November 20, 2009

no fail, this will get you some action

so i know like 3 guys read this blog. and i know you won't admit it either way. but lucky for you, i have pity on your souls and i have created a cheat sheet of 5 things that will be a total hit for your wife this yultide season. these gifts will get you a smooch-a-roo or perhaps take you to third base if my predictions are correct.

exhibit a: this jacket from shade clothing for $45 that will look great on any body type. plus it's sign of cleavage here, mkay. cleavage should be saved for special occasions--such as what will happen if you give your lady this jacket. whoa, hello!

**btw, at right now, you can take $10 off any there's free shipping. this is a no brainer, gentlemen! you don't even need a freaking coupon code.

exhibit b: such a cute taste test recipe storing book from anthropologie for $28. it's a place to collect recipes, write notes, and scribble profanities when you screw something up with expensive ingredients in it. a must have for any baker...and i'm not just saying that because it's my maiden name and i actually want this from kristopher kringle.

exhibit c: silouhette depictions of your very own children from Le Papier studio or simply silhouettes for $30. this is absurdly cute and would actually be a fun grandparents gift. 'nuf said. remember when that was cool to say in the early 90's? well it's not cool anymore, so refrain from saying it. also refrain from saying, 'she is ALL THAT!'. nerd alert.

exhibit d: rainboots. these are from Hunter for $79, but any brand will do. i've heard that this brand is comfy and will last forever. and let's face it, those ugg boots your wife has are UGGly. change it up for her own good.

exhibit e: a necklace with your children's name on it from the vintage pearl for $38. if anything, buy this from the list. now, if you get this gift for your wife, you will definately get some sweet lovin' and you might, just maybe, have to buy another little name charm if you know what i mean. and i think you do. woo woo!

ok ladies, feel free to forward this on discretely to the men in your life as a subtle, yet bold hint about Christmas gifts.

for awesome stocking stuffer ideas, go to my friend heather's blog!

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  1. love it...all of it...specially the jacket!

  2. Make Christmas list for the fam...check!!

    Miss you. Will I see you next week??!

    P.S. Your blog puts mine to shame. Must get it going again!

  3. I sooooo want Hunter boots (for myself and Arle). And I'm in love with that recipe book. I'm totally gonna be a copy-cat and put it on my next blog entry.

  4. love them all! i think i'll forward this to clay immediately.

  5. You are hilarious, and I must say you have excellent taste :D

  6. Love all the stuff, I would love any of those things, but what do you have for low budget Christmas. This year will be a very small year for us. :)

  7. love 'em all! so, movings going that well, huh?!

  8. K,now rain boots are a must have,I have the black white polka dots ones from target... but... I must say I love my (fake) UGGS (also from target!) Sorry!!!


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