Sunday, November 15, 2009

a little photoshoot and a toot

look at these little love birds...otherwise known as my sister and brother-in-law. i wish i were this photogenic. most of my pictures turn out with me making a jim carey face or in the middle of eating.

any-shways, no, i am not a photographer, but i do enjoy taking pictures. no, i do not know all about editing pics, but i'm learning. no, i do not make my children pose for pictures constantly trying to get the best shot. wait, that last part is true.

so ya, when i give photography advice, it is through the lense of a learner, not a pro. that is my disclaimer to say, 'i could be totally wrong'. but i'll tell you what works for me.

a) a sort of nice camera. i have an older model cannon rebel. you'll have to get rid of that kodak point and shoot.

b) a program to edit your photos. i like lightroom, but a good place to start if you just want the simple stuff is picasa! it's free to download and it's awesome for getting the basics done. especially if you're a beginner.

c) someone who is a photographer or knowledgeable about photography and cameras that you can sit down with or call occasionally/sometimes obsessively with questions.

d) a good attitude. i'm just kidding. i hate when people say stuff like, "bring your notebook, a pen, and a good attitude!"
that makes me bring a bad attitude, or as i call it, a "badattitude".

so ya, that's just a nugget (properly pronounced NEW-GET)to chew on...

thanks for being cute audrey and zach. and thanks for letting me practice my photog skills. i'm sorry when i farted and you had to smile through that sulfur experience.

i didn't really fart, but that would have been funny i think. next time... next time.

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  1. Great job on the pictures!

    Do you guys send christmas cards? (undoubtedly stamped, cut, and made by yourself) I have the AWESOME pictures that Emily took this summer...but I can't decide if that's weird. To send a picture when it's obviously summer outside.

  2. Hi Jami! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - I totally know who you are and remember you btw. :) I've been reading your blog since you've been back in the groove and you totally crack me up. :)

  3. audrey, i don't think it's wierd to use those photos from summer in your christmas cards at all! they are so cute...i say use em'.


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