Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i can't CONTAIN all my joy

ok, so layne drew names and the winner for the cute vinyl frames is AMANDA WILLIAMS! hooray for you...we are all jealous. when you get them up on your wall, you have to let me take a picture so i can show everyone in the world how you used them. so fun.

and for all you who are feeling sad about not winning, here is something to make you feel better. KLM dutch airlines is giving away free luggage tags with the picture of your choice downloaded on them. instead of luggage tags, i put mine on our diaper bags. on the back you can put your address, email, and phone number. but instead of the address you could write "ALLERGIC to PEANUT BUTTER"
"THIS CHILD IS NAUGHTY AND WILL STICK BERRIES UP HIS NOSE AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT." anyway, they give you 2 tags. very cool. click here to make your own.

ok, so here is a crafty craft to feast your eyes upon. when lila was on formula(don't judge me...traumatic event completely stopped my milk production), i had all these cans that i saved because i just "knew i could use them for something".

hello, my name is jami and i am a craft rat.

a craft rat is much like a pack rat, except with crafts. you know you are a craft rat if you:
*don't throw away ribbon from cards or gifts that people give you
*don't throw away tissue paper from gifts that people give you because you will re-gift them
*save every piece of scrap fabric or craft paper leftover from projects... like even pieces that are 1 cm by 1 cm.
*save buttons that fall off jackets for a future craft
*occasionally think about ripping buttons off old jackets for a future craft(but then you remember that you should give the jacket, fully intact, to the needy)

are you a craft rat? where ma' girl's at? show yourselves...come into the light.

anyway, back to the formula cans--i covered them with fabric(using hot glue) and ribbon and made receipt and bill holders. but these would be good for all your craft/office supplies. and if you are a craft rat, these are great to hold all that stupid crafty stuff you can't let go of.

then i had an oatmeal container and used that for a toilet paper holder in the bathroom because we don't have one on the wall.

see, the containers that i save do come in handy. i am mostly saying this to my husband who tries to throw these valuable containers away. don't stifle my creative energies, babe. mkay?

so yes, i went hog wild with containers. and i liked it.

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  1. I must say that I'm most impressed with your oatmeal container tp holder. Very creative, my dear. Very.

  2. How the H do you find all of these free things?! No that I am complaining, keep 'em coming, but you are a a little internet scourer!

  3. you. are. brilliant. and. ingenious.

  4. you are good. i'm only half of a craft rat...is that possible?

  5. when can we schedule a CRAFTERNOON!?!?!?!

  6. I got the onesie and i LOVE it! she wore it yesterday and looked very cute. i will trying out some crafts of my own thanksgiving week (when i won't be working... yeah!!!). thanks so much!


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