Tuesday, November 24, 2009

frugal gifts. but not nerdy.

listen people, although we don't want the Christmas season to be about gifts, consumerism, gaining 10lbs, wearing cosby sweaters, or keeping kids up late for family get-togethers and dealing with their demon like personalities the next morning... you have to agree, sometimes these things are involved in the yuletide of it all. so, although i can not help you with your naughty children(i have my own to deal with), i can help you with the gift part.

when you add up all the gifts you are forced to give(some families don't draw names...for shame!) or would like to give(some of you give to everyone you know), this can get expensive. so here is the idea list for cheap-o but neat-o gifts in question/answer form.

1) my grandmother is a sentimental nut case and i'm tired of giving her framed pictures of myself reading the bible. what the H am i supposed to do this year?

try a photo wreath!

you will need wreath form or a wreath you already have lying around, scrapbook paper, ribbon& glue. all available at craft stores. don't forget to bring your coupon...

3) i'm sick of giving a santa tin full of chocolate covered pretzels to my kid's teachers. what's something that teacher's will hog down secretly under his/her desk while the kids are at recess?

make cake in a jar, put a lid on it...tie ribbon around it. gorgeous.
make a pie in a jar. do the same thing as above. marvelous.

these are great gift giving options if you love baking or need a ton of gifts(they make a lot). but really, give your kid's teacher a gift that they'll actually like...not throw away when you leave. coming from that profession, i can tell you this happens. often.

or how about making a bunch of different flavors of caramel apples. redonkulous... i'll take 2. (this will help in gaining those 10lbs)

3) but what about my dog? he's special to me because i'm ridiculous.

have no fear, bitoches! (not you...your dog, silly.) bake dog biscuits. a cute presentation idea for this is to save those old spaghetti sauce or jam jars, paint the lid, and store the biscuits in that. with a ribbon tied around it of course.

5) what about for my husband? he's fashionably challenged and i'm totally hip. how can i not be embarrassed of him when he pulls out that santa tie his aunt bought him 10 years ago?

problem solved...if you know how to sew.

here are directions from purlbee.com(the cutest sewing website ever!) imagine if they were monogrammed with an initial. OMG, so snazzy.

or, if you want to take your cheapness to a new level, get one of your hubby's old ties and have it monogrammed at walmart for 5 bucks. then give it to your dad. ha. but seriously, who would know?

6)well guess what...i have 29 nieces, and they already have every polly pocket known to man.

you should make these bobby pins ,as they will be a smash hit. and i love the presentation. stamp their names or print them on paper. all you need is felt, bobby pins and buttons. martha stewart has done you right once again.

7) my aunt has everything. she's like a ka-trillionaire. what do i get her?

well every girl needs more bath products. check out these bath salts that you make in silicon ice cube trays. very inexpensive to make...and look at that packaging. you can do this!

8) my best friend is straight out of jcrew. she hates homemade gifts...ugg.

not anymore! these belts are freaking cute. velvet ribbon can be bought at your local craft store or online for cheaper than you think. tip: for fashion forward friends, make them to go around the smallest part of the waist, not the hip.

9)for a college student or any word nerd, scrabble pieces can make lots of fun gifts. hot glue magnet strips to the back of these pieces for some fridge fun. or hot glue them on a frame spelling out a word like, "bodacious" if you have a pic of you and your bff in the 80's wearing hammer pants.

the word "stinky" would work if it's for your brother in college. boy's rooms always smell bad. so include some air freshener with the frame. i'm not sure how you would package that to look cute. suggestions needed.

10) my bratty nephews are so spoiled i want to throw them in the compost pile. they asked for a real life dinosaur, but i heard they were extinct. what else can i give them?

these cute mittens are the next best thing!

walmart and target have mittens for kids for $1 that you could sew right onto. and you might be able to get by with hot glue(no sewing) on this one.

this concludes my frugal list. i realize most of this involves crafting, and some of you are not "crafty mcCrafters"...but now is a great time to learn. you could even have a craft-date with one of your friends who is crafty copy their brilliant ideas. no one will know.


  1. I love it! I feel like I am reading my favorite magazine when you write these pages! Seriously though, why are you not in a magazine giving these witty but true words of advice! I love it Jami!!!

  2. love it! good work friend. i think my fave is the picture wreath.

  3. so gonna use the cake in a jar for the teacher's gifts i have to give {4 of them!!!} thanks so much for the great ideas!
    love, jenn

  4. Love these ideas! Smarty pants! :)


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