Thursday, November 5, 2009

as promised...a fun giveaway

how freaking cute are these vinyl frames made by BUTCH&harlod? you don't need a hammer, you don't need nails...all you need is an empty wall. oh, you aren't familiar with how vinyl stickers work? you just rub them on the wall and they basically look like you are an awesome painter. when you want to take them off, you apply heat with a blow dryer and they come right off. by the way, etsy has so, so, so many cute vinyl stickers it will make you throw up with joy.

I have a bird on a tree in lila's room from singlestonestudio (a shop in etsy) her's is black and red as to go with the decor of course. so many people have asked me if i painted it. my response is usually, "yes, aren't i awesome?" but in my heart, i know i should tell them the truth about vinyl stickers and how easy they are to put on a wall.

back to the frames:

idea 1: put them in your living room above your couch. oh wait, that idea is shown in the picture displaying the frames. still a good idea.

idea 2: place them in your child's bedroom with their artwork in it. um, so cute.

idea 3: put them in your bedroom with pics of you and your husband making out. wait, that's a bad idea.

idea 4: put them in your kitchen with your utensils hanging in the middle. this would require you nailing nails into the wall--but c'mon, you can handle that.

idea 5: place them at children's level and paint chalkboard paint in the middle. how fun. and what a great way to create artists that will possibly fund your retirement.

idea 6: put them by your front door with hooks in the middle for keys. because you lose them. every day.

i could go on and on... but i won't. i want you to tell me your ideas. SO, if you want these frames, leave a comment with your best idea. i will draw a name and pick a lucky winner to have these 8 vinyl sticker frames!! will ship them directly to your house. did i mention their cute crib bedding?

can i enter my own giveaway? i want these. bad.

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  1. Instead of the childs name above the crib I would use them much like you have above your couch above my sons crib (in dark brown). I would put pictures of mom and dad while he was in my tummy and pictures of him through the first few weeks.

    It might also be cute to do something with a small extra mirror inside the fame in a bathroom? :)

    Great ideas Jamie! Luv your games!!

  2. I checked out that site, you should put some of the stuff you make on there. I love your stuff!

  3. do i get my name entered for every comment i leave? because i want these!
    you could put them on a bedroom door and put the first initial of the person(s) living in the room...

  4. oh my gosh james, i saw these a while back and wanted to purchase them sooooo bad...but, never got around to it. i was going to use them around the top of my kitchen...where the space is between the ceiling and above the cabinets...ya know what i mean? and fill them with black and white photos. but seriously, they would look cute anywhere.
    pick me, cause i'm your bestest bud.

  5. oh my those are cute! i don't have any ideas. i'm not really creative, i just copy everyone else's fabulous ideas. i think my two fave ideas though are the kitchen with utensils hanging in them and on the door with an initial in the middle. love it!!

  6. I would use them in Arle's big girl room (whenever that actually happens) and put the letters of her name in them.

  7. So fun, that could be used anywhere!

  8. I would put them on wall going down to basement. Family photos so everyone could see and you couldn't knock the frames off the wall. mom

  9. I want these and if I don't win, I think I will buy them myself! I plan on putting these in Gentry and Harlow's room (once they share a room). I have a plan, because I plan on winning! Ya, for giveaways!

  10. i love all the ideas shared. i think if i had these i'd use them on this half wall i have that is part of the balcony leading to our basement. a very white wall that i can't hang anything on because of dog tails and baby hands. these frames would be the perfect "unbreakable" decoration!

  11. Dude...I forgot to enter. Is it too late? How 'bout putting then in an unexpected place? Like in the bathroom or something?


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