Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i need "the patch"

well we've been too sick to go to the pumpkin patch this year, so i thought we'd reminisce.

these shots are from 3 years ago when layne was our only love and lila was an accident waiting to happen. (sorry, they are pixilated...i pulled them from an email. go with it.)

it's the middle of the day and children are around, so clearly i was drinking root beer in that first picture. oh, it looks like i've had an alcoholic bev or 2...or 5? no, that's just me being normal. but i get asked that all the time. to further bolster my case that i'm not a drunken mother hopped up on expired prescriptions, watch this:

what? that also looks like i was sh-wasted? don't all mother's river dance in public?

moving along, here are pics of last year's pumpkin patch extravaganza. yes, my son has a bowl cut. no, HE is not a little girl.

maybe we'll make it to the pumpkin patch this year, but i don't know. there is just so much going on and memories can wait can't they? wait, no they can't. we will go. we will go. we will go.

and this time, i'm giving up the river dancing and root beer in exchange for making friends and looking normal. i think. you'll just have to stay tuned to see what happens...

oh and next post i'm drawing names for the onesies. get excited!


  1. Sorry you all have been so sick! I just got my first cold of the season, not too fun. Get better!

  2. Uh, river dancing in public? You're officially my hero.

  3. okay, i got a little nosey and watch some of the other videos... sorry! i love the river dancing, you are very talented :).
    sorry i didn't get your comment that you left on my blog on the 13th about your punkin painting party! i would have sooooo been there! i stole your email address off of one of emily's emails she sent out, i think the one with her new address. anyway, i will email you so that you have my address and you can invite me to your next shindig :)
    love, jenn


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