Monday, October 26, 2009

spilled milk

oh little fat feet...who can get enough of them? ok, me...sometimes. (but they look very cute all black and white). to get away from the little feet, i am taking a photography class this semester at the local juco. what i mean is, i just dropped my photography class at the local juco--it was every tuesday and thursday nights for three hours. too much of a commitment for me at this point in my life. but the idea was nice, wasn't it? first, i missed 2 weeks of class because of the stupit' swine flu. then, we sold our house and will be moving to a new one in december... the perfect time to move (sarcasm oozing). like i'll have time to finish out that class with dignity.

i will say, i learned a lot about my camera and how much i don't know about photography. i learned to shoot manually instead of on automatic. it's way cool. you never realize how much better the pics are when you stop letting the camera do all the work. my photography teacher said that if you let the camera set all the functions for you, it will always take something away from the photograph. hmmm, deep thoughts. what are you missing in your photographs? so that is my challenge to all of you...if you have a nice camera, take it off automatic. find someone to teach you how to shoot manually--most photographers will be willing to show you if you just ask.

that is literally all i learned in half a semester. most of the time in class, i harassed fellow classmates and asked them way too many personal questions. we had a lot of good laughs and got in trouble often for being too rambunctious. i sat in between a 21 year old and a 60 year old. they both entertained me with their artistic viewpoint and thier views on relationships and life. and side note, when you don't care about the grade, college feels a lot different. it feels... i don't know... fun.

so ya, i'm just trying to make myself feel better for spending 300 dolla dolla bills on a class and not finishing. i guess there's no reason to cry over spilled milk. if you are smart, you'll follow lila's example and play in the spilled milk.

so hmmm, maybe i'll be able to take another class when i'm an empty-nester and actually finish it. i have 20 years to prepare i guess.

oh and....LISA won the onesie!! i will mail that to you next week...what size is your platypus wearing anyway?
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  1. I think it is great you took this class. Even if you didn't get to finish it this semester you learned so much, and you can keep learning. I am a firm believer of lifelong learning. I hope to be 80 years old and still be taking classes for fun. engaging my mind and living. Your pictures are great by the way, I have seen a whole new artistic side to your blog this semester!! We should get together sometime and practice shooting together,I still have a lot to learn and remember about Manual settings

  2. i would love to take that class with you someday! i don't know how to use manual settings so would love to do that also! sorry we missed seeing you at church... we've had a sick child and anticipate more sick children to come because, you know that's what happens! hope to see you soon!
    love, jenn

  3. Well, I am sad!! We will miss you in class!! Your fun spirit was the best!! Keep snappin those photos....I really think you have a natural born talent!! :) So I shall stalk you from a far!! :)

  4. um, i took a bajillion photog classes at JCCC (and also dropped one). we could go on a camera date sometime, i just loooove taking pictures!!

  5. 2 things:

    #1. Glad K.Fulghum and I are not the only JCCC dropouts out there.

    #2. Will you please teach me to use my camera manually?


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