Thursday, October 15, 2009

a cornucopia of crafts. get it?

well i don't know about you, but i am not going to let a little cold weather stop me from celebrating fall with a few crafts. you might go so far as to say perhaps this craft is even guilty of flipping off "old man winter". i would never flip anyone off. but if a craft does it, is it so wrong? these are questions that will only be answered upon entering Heaven.

all that to say, this is my latest fall installment placed in a prestigious art gallery. the lamp is put there to make it look like it's in my home. ok, you're too smart, this is my home. this was an empty frame that my husband and i built a while ago and has been on the wall-- empty-- for 2 months. i was totally planning on putting smaller framed pictures in the middle, but alas, our home is on the market and i didn't want to put anymore holes in the wall. i already had the pictures printed and i bought these awesome paper leaves at the dollar store last month. so, cheap craft for me. but if you did this at your house it would cost you maybe $3 total for printing pics and buying leaves.

and below is my new birdie. i do love the other bird that i have been sewing on clothes, but i needed a new one to keep things fresh. this is what i came up with. so simple. two circles and a triangle for the beak. BLADOW.

who wants a birdie onesie? if you comment, i'll do a drawing or something. if i'm feeling generous, perhaps everyone will get a onesie. if your kids are too big for a onesie, too bad, gift it to someone who has a tiny papoose.

forgot to mention, i have boyish fabric too. so if you have a man-child i'll make a man bird.

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  1. Me, please!! I would love one. But I might be super guilty and keep it for myself. I want a girl, darn it.

    As for your last comment, I don't want to actually post it on my blog, lest some stalker come murder me in the night, but Matt's NEVER home at night. He works 3rd shirt (10:45pm-7:15am.)

    I don't mind sleeping with my kids. I have OCD and worry that a fire is going to happen or something. If they are both with me, I could save them both. And it's easier on my mind knowing where they are.

    I don't mind, honest. I just complain sometimes. The good news is that Ben slept all night last night, no crying in my ear!

    Ps. posted anonymously so the murderers don't find me. Have you noticed a theme with my craziness?

  2. you know my obsession with birds. pretty please!!

  3. you know my tiny papoose in my belly wants that onesie.

  4. Pick me! So very cute... Kate needs a birdie.

  5. I love that frame! I want to see more Jami crafts b/c I know how talented and creative you are. :) And that bird is adorable. However, I don't have any girls...bummer.

  6. that onesie is super cute.
    if you pick me, send it to the papoose in em's belly {hopefully it will be in her belly for a few more days!!!}see you soon!
    love, jenn

  7. ohhh ohh, I want one. SOOOO cute! I will pay if you want, I love the little birdie look!You're so crafty!

  8. ummm no kiddos, but boston might like one? lol!! totally kidding =)

  9. i wanna birdie onesie for myself!!! do they come in women's size 6?

  10. I'm sure I can still squeeze skinny-minny Arle into a onesie:)

  11. i love the onesie. i have two questions for you... just in case i don't get one made by you and decide to copy (which would be acceptable because i live in boston and we possibly might never see one another again... unless ashley hurries and has a papoose that we go meet at the same time). anyways, where do you get your solid colored onesies... i know where to get white ones, but do you have a place you buy other colors? question two, where did you put that cute little bird on the onesie? i'm not really creative but i like to pretend to be... so i basically like to look at your blog and get my ideas... so, i'm not really creating at all, but copying. whatever.


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