Wednesday, October 7, 2009

children, let's gamble!

chuck-e-cheese, i have recently figured out, is a casino for children. kids spend $50 trying to win tickets for prizes that are clearly from the dollar store. this concept was obviously torture for me. the whole time i'm thinking, wow, people are spending a weeks worth of grocery money on an hour of "fun". i am such a fun-killer. anyway, we went there last week for a birthday party...and surprisingly, layne loved it. he is usually overwhelmed by craziness, and just people in general. of course lila quite enjoyed herself, as she was on a date with chuck-e himself. look at them in the car together, so cute...wait, i don't know why he's making her drive. that is so rude. i will have to have a chat with her at naptime about chivalry.

please notice the more mature crowd playing skee-ball and the mass amounts of tickets coming out of the machine. don't stop, get it, get it. i'm not in the pictures, but if i were, you'd see me dominating on shooting hoops. i beat everyone because i am surprisingly athletic. i mean, don't ask me to play on your intramural volleyball team or something because i will do you wrong for sure. why? like i said, my athleticsim is suprising...even to me. i have no control over when it will appear.

anyway, then, as if the kids weren't overwhelmingly cracked out on sugar and MSG, we had another party right after chuck-e-cheese, at uncle nole's house. woo woo! at this party, everyone had to do the hoola hoop in front of all the others. young or old. not joking. don't you do this at your parties? i would also like to point out that we ate pizza at 3pm and then ate a flipino buffet at 6pm. believe me, i took my juice plus that day...if you were wondering.

so as a side note, i have been looking hideous lately. if i'm not going anywhere, you will find me in my "elf" slippers with the pants ever-so-gently tucked into them. some people call it nasty, some people call it warm. nnnn'kay? there are people in the himalayas that would literally trade me an elk for these slippers, so don't judge me. nato hates them, yet he bought them for me. babe, you did this to yourself.
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  1. AHHHH those are MY FAVORITE slippers EVER!!! From restoration hardware right?! I wear them everyday... maybe we should have an elf shoe party?! see you there.

  2. Hmm...pretty sure I could win in a contest. My usual outfit: HUGE KU sweatpants with elastic bottoms, pulled over my feet. Hubby's 6 sizes too big slippers and a hooded sweatshirt.

    Now that I HAVE to leave the house everyday for Simon's school, I need to invest in my own slippers. I'll be sure to show my Hubby yours. Maybe he'll buy me some.

  3. Those are the ugliest slippers EVER. Please buy some cute Ugg slippers asap. They're warm AND aesthetically pleasing:)

  4. jami, you know deep deep DEEP down you had fun at chuckecheese!! you also loved the hula hoop challenge, admit it!!
    (btw on the blog for your house, i saw layne hiding in the basement behind the couch with his eyes glued to the tv!! HILARIOUS) didn't realize the house came with a lil filipino boy =)

  5. dang gina, love them slippers!

  6. Uh, I was so distracted by those dang slippers, I forgot to beg for an invitation to the next filipino hoola hoop party. I've got some mad hh skills...or I did in elementary school, anyway:) I'm sure it's just like riding a bike.

  7. Loving the elf slippers! I could use a pair of those right now!! We are putting off turning on the heat, ha ha

  8. apple bottom jeans, BOOTS WITH THE FUR, the whole club was lookin at her...this song is stuck in my head all because of your SLIPPERS!!!


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