Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ahhh-choo! is that my snot or yours?

we are sick. we are quarantined. we are sick of being quarantined. the children long to play outside where the air is brisk and the squirrels are chirping to one another as if to say, "this fallish winter thing sucks, doesn't it?" it just seems like the squirrels in our neighborhood would be sportin' a 'tude about the temperature.

ok, you got me. maybe it's me projecting my attitude onto the squirrels, but whatever. is it so wrong that i feel a connection with them? i always have. i even caught a squirrel once in a paper grocery bag at the park when i was 10. now, as i fondly remember that capture, i can't help but think the squirrel clearly had rabies, scurvy and possibly a broken leg...because i'm pretty sure you have to be a stealth ninja to do that sort of thing. my question is, mom, where were you when i was chasing a sickened squirrel around the park? oh that's right, you were chasing the other 6 kids around while changing a diaper and breast-feeding a baby at the same time. i gotcha.

anyway, all that to say, welcome fall! ...ish winter. and welcome flu symptoms. i do enjoy a good immunity build up though. the natural way of course. so, although inconvenient, this should be the last time we get sick for the winter. don't worry about us, we have garlic ear drops and ibuprofen on hand.

and since we're all quarantined with nowhere to go, lila and i enjoyed playing "fashion shoot". she was a pretty good subject until she got hungry. and then she got all angry-elf on me. look at that face...i just know my dad is saying, that is soooooo you jami. why does she look like me only when she's mad? hmmm? just because we are intense about life...it's the only way to live, you know.

alright, go enjoy your day freezing your tails off outside. unless you are my BFF emily, living in sunny florida with record heat waves for this time of year. so so so wishing i could get a tan in october. no, i will not go to s-s-s-celsius tannery.

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  1. love the first pic with the kids & of course u can't leave out huxley!! reminds me of when layne was younger at the front door with the suitcase =)

  2. you crack me up.
    i hate this weather.
    i'm so not ready for this kinda fall, although it is suppose to warm up next week to a whole 59 degrees. whoo-who.
    sorry i didn't see you at church on sunday... we {the entire wiltse extended family} were freezing our tails off trying to get a family photo while the children are all crying and clinging to their coats that we were trying to rip off of them so that we could take the picture. needless to say it was not fun until the shoot got cancelled and we all ended up at my house to eat a bazillion donuts and drink hot cocoa. good times. sorry to hear you have all been sick, but like you said, good ol' immunity building that will hopefully spare you from sickness for the rest of the winter! see you next sunday {hopefully}!
    love, jenn

  3. ha haha, luv that last pic. I feel like it is winter too, whats up with that. I just wanted fall!! Yeah for pumpkins on Friday!!

  4. oh bummer...sorry you guys are sick. i'm impressed lila still looks so cute even whilst quarantined.

  5. why is EVERYONE sick?! did you get it from the severns or they got it from you?? ugh, i hate sickness! feed your kiddo's lots of sugar. it's the body's natural defense against sickness. ;-)

  6. Your kids resemble Mr. Nato!

    Aren't you kinda relieved that you got sick now and won't have to worry about it later?

    What vaxes have you done? I'm assuming that you aren't doing H1N1?

  7. Emma has that top too, the girls are so stylish! Lila looks too cute!


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