Saturday, September 26, 2009

they are blogstalking me.

so the jcrew catalogue is full of inspiration this month; however, i'm pretty sure they blog stalked me and and used my idea. i just sent my friend, allison, this grey shirt in the mail and then sat down that afternoon to scope out out the goods in jcrew. lots of similarities! ok, for legal reasons, i'm sure i have to say they didn't steal my idea. but isn't that crazy?

i mean, i made that green shirt with the flower a couple weeks ago before the catalogue came out. it's true, but whatev.

once again, so easy to make.
step 1: just cut out some jacked up circles and layer them.
step 2: kindly place them on your shirt and sew an X in the middle.
step three: proceed to look totally trendy and in the know.

for in depth directions, see this old post.

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  1. apparently you missed your calling as a trendy fashion designer. seriously, you should write them and tell them about this obvious oversight and have them give credit where credit is due.
    i LOVE the gray shirt you made for your friend!
    love, jenn

  2. You know, Trav's an IP litigator. He can totally sue them for you. Just sayin'.

  3. Posting my pic next to real supermodels is not good for the ol' self-esteem, Jami. :) Ha! Got sooo many compliments on the shirt...since I wore it everyday for a week, including one from a super trendy chick in Anthropologie. I wouldn't be surprised if they steal your ideas, too. I'll be on the lookout...


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