Monday, September 14, 2009

sissy turned one!

the sweet little sissy had a birthday party on sunday. i didn't think much about how lila isn't a tiny baby anymore...ahh, brush the tear from your eye...because we were remodeling our kitchen all week and up until guests walked in the freaking door. home improvement projects always bring out the best in one another--especially when there's a deadline. such as a ginormous birthday party. kitchen before and after pics will be in the next post.

back to the platypus. she was stunning in an off the runway tu-tu look, fashioned by my good friend amanda williams. amanda gave this to me before lila was born! i made her a shirt that says, "isa". get ready for a foreign language lesson--that means ONE in filipino land. we embrace culture over here, people.

and for the, all red, black and white thank you very much. lots of licorice, red hots, peppermints were everywhere. and at child level. cavities and diabetes on the house! i made party hats and placed them on a giant tree limb i found in the back yard... that i spray painted white. i think i might repurpose this for christmas to hang ornaments on or something. i also stamped a artistic version of "happy birthday"...that no one could really read. sometimes you have to sacrafice readability for the sake of art, mkay.

of course the little hoglet loved her cake. i still took it away from her after a couple bites, in fear of what the diaper would hold later on that day.

5 reasons i heart lila:

she sucks on her hands constantly. no binky needed.

she does nothing age appropriate, as she is completely laid back. no walking, no talking, no drinking out of sippy cups. i hear this is normal for subsequent children. raise yourself!

she is so sweet. very little fussing. and if she's fussy, just giver her a snack. problem solved.

she belly laughs at everything. totally jealous.

she kind of, just barely, resembles me. this is a miracle, as the asian gene is a tough one to compete with.

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  1. i love lila so much. seriously, i want to eat her, with frosting.

    happy birthday little one!

    and love all the are crafty...
    those pictures of her eating her cake remind me soooo much of layne's first birthday pictures!
    fun :)

  2. oh man is that lila cute. the party was fabulous...great decorations, great cupcakes, great friends. thanks for inviting us!


  4. okay, so i'm new at this posting/ blogging thing so forgive me if i'm not doing it right! i decided to google you cause i want your email address and was hoping i'd stumble into your blog... and i did! just spent way to much time looking through your pics and reading your blogs. so entertaining and wonderful. hope you all are great. happy birthday lila. are those purses gone from your blogarage sale? can i have your address?

  5. Soooooo sad we missed the party:( You did a fab job with all the decorating and I love the kookey banner!

  6. love, love, love the decorations!!! and lila is just the sweetest thing ever!

  7. erikee77, i am not sure who you are! let me know...

  8. You probably have no clue who I am but we met at Mops ONE time.. :) and I know emily anderson. But I stopped by your blog to say hi and tell you that your are so artistic! It amazes me who crafty and creative some of you moms are! you go girl.
    You have beautiful children..and I can totally relate to children not looking an once like you... NONE of my children look like me at all. alot of people think my oldest daughter is asian but she's 50% chicana, 25% white girl and 25% italian :).

  9. Love the theme, love the crafts, love the cupcakes, love it all! Lila is so cute she breaks my heart. Move to Nashville and be a party planner with me. K?

  10. um, what are you going to do for her 16th birthday? i mean, you're starting out setting the expectations HIGH! ;-)


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