Thursday, September 3, 2009

preschool musical part two: now showing

yes, i bribed layne with a bagel before school know, so i wouldn't have to pick him up again?

after i dropped him off, i turned my ringer on high and prayed-- the entire time. so it wasn't that relaxing while he was gone. i went to the store to grab some milk for my hoglet little girl and to hobby lobby again for something i forgot.


i went to pick him up and there he was on the playground, not under a patio table screaming. but sitting on a bench by the teachers...looking as anti-social as ever. that's my boy!

i was overcome with emotion when i saw he was wearing the same outfit i brought him in. in mommy terminology, that means... "child didn't pee on self."

the teacher said he had one meltdown when it was time to go play outside. i'm thinking, i don't care. he stayed the whole time!

click here to watch layne's interview before and after school

enough about layne, let's talk about crafts. here is my latest craft... i like sewing things on kids clothes, but what about adults? this could be borderline cheesy, but i thought i would risk it. so i picked up a shirt at old navy and sewed some little flowers on it.

the flower is made by layering really jacked up circle-ish shapes on top of each other. i did the flower in t-shirt fabric b/c i wanted to curl up on the edges when washed. the stem is just on there with heat and bond and the edges are stitched--like what i did on the bird craft. good times.

i have no idea how this will wash up. i gave it away for a birthday gift, so we'll never know. unless i make one for myself. and i will...hello, too cute.

hopefully, the pictures are self explanatory (as far as instructions) if you'd like to give it a try.

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  1. "jacked up circle-ish things?" that's pretty self explanatory :)
    very cute... would love it on a t-shirt right in the middle or up on the top corner of the shirt!
    i'm just going to have to add that to the long list of crafty things i'd like to make!!!!
    congrats to layne for getting through the whole day :)
    love, jenn

  2. Glad day two went better and love the shirt. Very clever:)

  3. love that video...especially the "crumb bagel" on his lip.

  4. Hilarious video. Can't wait to see more!


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