Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my daddy spits all day long

first of all, let us take a moment of silence in order to honor the passing of summer. i took the kids for a stroller ride tonight and saw a lone red leaf in the creek. naturally i parked the kids on the side of the road and pulled out the cannon. while the children got eaten by mosquito's and whined incessantly, i captured this beautiful moment of the beginning of fall. as i was in this moving artistic moment, layne was spitting out of the stroller and when i told him to stop he said, "my daddy spits. my daddy spits all day long." i just let him keep doing it because daddy does spit occasionally... thus, i had no response.

so drum roll, we finished the kitchen. i wake up every morning and feel like i'm in a folgers commercial. ...the best part of wakin' up, is folgers in yourrrr cup... anywho, i love it. check out before pics here.

i have a pegboard on the wall where i can hang everything instead of all my kitchen shiz stuck in a bowl. evertime you want to pull something out, they all come out. finally i told them, "this is not ok, utensils. it's unacceptable in my kitchen and i'm gonna have to teach you all a painful lesson for this behaviour." boy, did i ever.

we already had the pot rack and the knife hanger, which are both necessities when working with a small kitchen. the paint is not black--it's a deep grey, hello! and i made it chalkboard paint so i can write recipes and what not all over the walls.

you too can make your own chalkboard paint. and it can be whatever color you want. just buy any color of paint and add 2 tbsp nonsanded grout per cup. the grout is super a buck. and this sure beats buying a stinking small pint of chalkboard paint for 15$ when you could just stir in some grout yourself and pay so much less. especially if you already have paint in your garage that you want to get creative with. i can feel that you are it.

props to my husband for starting on a monday and finishing on a sunday. that guy is a cabinet installer, plumber, tile-er, painter, and filipino salsa dancer all in one. anyway, this shenanigan completely disrupted normal life and i never want to do a kitchen remodel ever again. it's like pregnancy: you swear up and down you'll never get knocked up again because of morning sickness or stretch marks-- or straight up peeing on yourself when you sneeze. and then there you are, pulling out that maternity bucket of clothes. again and again.

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  1. the kitchen looks incredible!!! i'd be happy to join you in your folgers commercial anytime...too funny! and i've been dreaming of a chalkboard wall in my kitchen for far too long. i smell a weekend project in my future!

  2. it looks so freaking good. ugh, i hate that your man does things like this. and i'm stuck with a man that says "do it yourself".

  3. the kitchen looks amazing... i want to see MORE of it! great colors too.
    i'm all about doing a chalkboard wall, i just need to talk tray into letting me do it!
    love, jenn

  4. Wow it looks so great! I am super impressed but agree with Jen- show us more!

  5. The kitchen looks great - we are going to start painting the inside of the house - want to help? haha
    Brian and Michelle

  6. oh how cute it is! i just love it. you're right...i do want to paint a wall with chalkboard paint!

  7. I love the chalkboard paint idea! and your last paragraph about getting pregnant and stretch marks again again and again is likely how I found your blog in the first place! Too funny!! I was looking for a skin tightening solution because I am sick of looking saggy/loose everywhere :( *sigh*

  8. Hahaha, reading this post now, after you had big kitchen remodels twice in the last year!!! Too funny :)


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