Thursday, September 10, 2009

blogarage sale

ok, so the kitchen isn't done yet and keeps getting more expensive by the second. you know when those home improvement shows say to tack on 20% more than you think you'll spend? i guess they get paid to know what they're talkin' bout. all the extra supplies and what-not's add up.

so i could sell these things on craigslist or just give them away. does anyone want them? my general rule is that if i haven't used/worn something in a year, i have to get rid of it. that is why i'm having a blogarage sale.

here's the catch. there is no catch. it's free. but i'm not mailing it to anyone or driving it to your house, so there. and you can only have it if you will use it...not if you're just going to sell it on craigslist.


the quesadilla maker was good to me the first year of marriage. i made a lot more pancakes than quesadillas in this machine. but who cares, that's just creative. works great.

that big funky bowl was given to me as a wedding gift. haven't used it in, oh, 4 years. it is made by a pottery artist downtown and was really expensive. someone, please enjoy this work of art.

the purses are both leather and both nine west. great purses. sit in my closet collecting dust.

the sign is so cute, but no longer goes with the kitchen decor. i tried to put it in several places in the house -- it just doesn't go with the theme i'm doing. which is unicorn horns and dolphins. isn't that a fun theme? if you just shouted, "YES!!" then my house is your house. not really, silly, i don't love unicorn's or their horns.

point is, take my stuff. let me know if you want any of it.
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  1. hey lady, I am all about that bowl!! I love free stuff. I can come by and get it next week, where do you live? :)

  2. Did you make the term "blogarage sale" up? If so, that is very clever - you could copyright that or something. I am doing research on forms of exchange and saw your blog - great idea!

  3. i'll take the pink purse since i have lost my purse identity with the birth of my children. yahoo to free stuff in a sucky economy!


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