Tuesday, August 11, 2009

which one is mine?

we hung out with the filipino cousins this weekend and as i browsed through the photos to post, i realized i didn't know which child is mine in these pictures. but aren't they all so cute? like i said, i can't pick out the cutest, because i don't know which is mine. i have a hunch that the one with pigtails is mine. pigtails are not an asian trademark.
there is some nudity here, but i think the bubbles cover all questionable material right? i thought about photoshopping some black boxes over hiney's but it wouldn't do the cuteness justice.

and last but not least, here is another one of my favorite filipino's giving his best rap video pose. in another life, i'm sure he was a "rap artist", but here--in reality, he is my husband and father of 2. soon to be three. hey babe, i'm pregnant!

just kidding, i would be balled up under the kitchen table sucking my thumb if that were true and my husband would be consoling me while secretly thanking the Lord for his good fortune.

anyway, nato, i love you. you are a good man and i am proud to say that you are my "boo"... although you can't hold a tune. but that's why you're a rapper right?
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  1. that's what nato used to look like in high school, when he drove. he thought he was so cool.

    and hey, make your blog pictures bigger...i wanted to see the hineys, but couldn't squint that hard.

  2. they're all adorable :) i'd like to squeeze some lila chub!

  3. oh you are funny. it wasn't really THAT hard to pick out your kiddos, although they are all super cute.

  4. OMG jami!!! i really almost believed you when you said you are prego =( love the pics!!


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