Monday, August 3, 2009

perm glitter. brilliant.

ok friends, here are my cvs finds this week. there are so many bonus buck options this guys, if you are looking to start building some bucks, this would be a great week to start. i got all this for $1! the folders are actually from office max and were 1 penny a piece. if you're thinking, i just don't need all those school supplies...well, get to donating. this is a great time of year to get school supplies to needy families! and needy teachers, who are we kidding. those people get peanuts for what they adopt a teacher today. and actually, i need to follow my own advice, are there any teachers out there who need school supplies?? let me know...i've got enough to play school for like, i don't know, 2 years.

so last night it was my mom's birthday. she turned 40-something...she would just kill me if i said the actually number.

whew, see mom, that was just like ripping a band-aid off...the thought of it is always worse than actually doing it. unless you've used ductape and toilet paper for your bandage(which my dad has done). taking that off is called "waxing & bleeding". it's very popular in france from what i hear. so back to the party...we played a sudden death game of catchphrase. when the timer buzzes, the person holding it is eliminated and they must leave the inner circle to sit on the stairs "in jail". of course they continue to yell things out that may confuse the other contestants in order to make them lose. at one point, my dad yelled, "perm glitter!!" in an effort to guess the word "hairspray". dad, i think you just invented something. i mean, of course glitter would stay better in a perm. hello! why haven't i thought of that concept before. side note: i have had 5 home perms and 1 perm from local hair school when i was younger. torture.

and my mom received a salad spinner for her birthday(yes, upon request), so layne naturally turned it into a hat and really celebrated his asian roots. we all had to join in after that. please find my husband in the collage for a good laugh. so happy birthday "texas 2-step ter-bear". you are the best mom in kansas, and perhaps the lower 27 states.

and i know i just bragged about getting new kitchen cabinets for my birthday in my last post, but our air conditioner-OF COURSE-is old and sick and needs to be replaced. so ya, i will be getting a new HVAC system for my 28th birthday this year. every girl's dream!
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  1. Easy baby... I just figured a way to fix the HVAC for way cheaper than we thought.... Which means that I just got off the phone with Sutherlands, so your cabinets/countertops will be here before you know it. All i gotta do is rip out the old and throw in the new. I love you and I'm so thankful for ya! Thanks for being my bride. Happy "early" Birthday...

  2. i'm a teacher...but not a needy one. i teach in blue valley with the wealthy. i'm sure there's someone who needs the school supplies more than me. thanks for donating though.

  3. Someone who's not supposed to be out late at night in texas. "Gay cowboy!" Oh Linus..


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