Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my latest craft...with instructions!

if you know me and your kids have had a birthday lately, you will not be interested in this post, as you already have one of these treasures. i used to despise applique'...but if it's cute and handmade applique', c'mon, that's different. so here's how you do this's so easy.

1) buy a piece of clothing or steal from your child's very own closet. i like the 'garanimals' brand from walmart b/c their things are 3 bucks a piece!

2) grab some fabric you already have laying around, or cut up a pillow case with a cute pattern and use that. i happen to have a love affair with fabrics and even make out with swatches when my husband isn't i used some of my stash.

3)pick up some 'heat and bond' at your local craft store--or wal-mart has it too. follow the instructions on the package. this will make your fabric stick to the clothing and be able to wash up nicely.

4) after you put the heat and bond on your fabric(with an iron), find a pattern that you like and trace it onto the fabric. here is a bird template for your enjoyment.

5) cut out the bird, or whatever your object is, and peel the paper backing off your 'heat and bond'. then iron the birdie on the clothing.

6) if you're a seamstress, get out that sewing machine and sew around the edges. if you're like me, watch anne of green gables and handstich around the bird. it really, doesn't take that long, but i pretend it does so i can watch the entire trilogy.

7) i sew feet on the birds and add buttons on here and there, but those are just extra pieces of flare i throw on there so i can say the word "flare" when explaining it to others.

8) take a picture and put on your blog so that you may receive affirmation from others.

but seriously, what a fun gift to give and it is handmade--no one will have this outfit sister!

try this craft and let me know how it goes...and please one up me so i can post it on my blog.

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  1. Nope, sorry. I don't craft, knit, scrapbook or sew. But if you want to open an Etsy shop for your awesome handmade clothing, I'll graciously let my kids (size 6/7 or 2t) be testers for you. I'm kind like that.

    Seriously, though, good job!

  2. so cute. i'm impressed with your crafting skills...maybe i'll have to make one of those for baby fulghum.

  3. Houndstooth birds???? Holy cow...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! And I totally get your obsession with fabric. Right there with ya on that one.

  4. so cute!! i may have to try this....thanks for the inspiration

  5. I have received one of these genius crafts for little Annie. Always get lots o' compliments. I will be plagiarizing you, my friend! ;)

  6. Wow...I love this idea. I'm so doing this. Thanks for the tip.


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